Ballin: 37 points on 15-21 shooting for Tony Parker, who also added six assists and four rebounds, just to make sure the Grizzlies realized how bad he was destroying them. For the series, Parker averaged 24.5 points, 9.5 assists, 3.5 rebounds and two steals per game, all against a team who finished second in defensive efficiency during the regular season and who features two All-Defense team members in their backcourt and the Defensive Player of the Year at center. Pretty impressive.

Not so much: After going 4-13 in the Game 4 loss, Zach Randolph finished the four-game series shooting 30.2 percent from the field (and just 50 percent from the line) while averaging just 11 points a game. Not terribly surprising considering he shot 36 percent against the Spurs during the regular season, but still.

Wizardry: There are a lot of things that are amazing about this Manu Ginobili pass, but I’ll tell you what’s the most amazing after you watch the clip.

It’s not that it was a great touch pass, and it’s not even that it was a between-the-legs pass either — no, the most amazing thing here is that neither Mike Breen nor Jeff Van Gundy mentioned that this pass went through Tayshaun Prince’s legs. How do you not mention that? Come on.

Also bad: We all know that Zach Randolph was the most high profile struggle case, but Marc Gasol is another guy who bluffed. Just 39.7 percent shooting for the Big Burrito, which is great for Brandon Jennings, but horrible for a guy who shot 51 percent against San Antonio during the season and who theoretically should have been scoring more since Zach Randolph couldn’t do anything.

Well being: But at least Marc Gasol is super nice.

If this was Pau Gasol doing this in the fourth quarter of a game in which his team was being eliminated, he’d be destroyed for being soft. But he’d also finally be able to use all that medical training he’s had, so I guess that’s a missed opportunity.

Also also bad: Remember when Mike Conley’s emergence was the story of the playoffs kind of? He shot 38.3 percent against the Spurs, only 26.7 percent from three, and an atrocious 64.7 percent from the free throw line. Always kept smiling though, mostly because I’m pretty sure he can’t stop.

Sit down: Something tells me Lionel Hollins was upset with Jerryd Bayless last night.

Which postseason mishap between these two was worse — this push or the time Hollins forgot Bayless’ name? Seems like a cool relationship either way.

Not also bad: One Grizzly who wasn’t horrible for the entirety of the series was Quincy Pondexter, who shot 53.7 percent in the four games, made a whopping 48 percent of his threes and tied Conley for the lead in scoring during the Western Conference finals. Outside of Q-Pon, who might be the Western Conference Jimmy Butler, no one else on the Grizzlies played what you would call “well.”

Other things: Nifty overhead bounce pass from Kawhi Leonard last night … Is Tracy McGrady the NBA’s best hugger? And if so, is that why the Spurs acquired him? … With the win, Gregg Popovich tied Phil Jackson for most seven-game series playoff sweeps … The greatest celebration possible is always b-boy poses … GIF up top via Hoop Gifs