During the third quarter of last night’s Game 4 defeat, Chris Bosh’s gorgeous Hyperposite landed on one of Roy Hibbert’s clodhoppers, leading to a little bit of a rolled ankle for the Heat’s extra-skinny big man. Of course, Bosh returned to the game early in the fourth quarter, looking just the tiniest bit hobbled down the stretch, though there didn’t appear to any real lasting injury from the tweak.

But still, because everyone saw that foot turn over, Bosh had to be asked if he’d be hampered by an injury for the series’ next game. His response was pure Bosh. From ESPN:

Bosh declined to talk about the extent of his injured right ankle, but said he expected to play Thursday in Miami after getting treatment throughout the day Wednesday.

β€œIt’s not [an] issue,” Bosh said. β€œIt’s the playoffs. You’re going to have ups and downs. It’s not about what happens, but it’s about how you respond. I’m just going to watch some cartoons, eat some cereal and get ready for Game 5.”

Good to know that Chris Bosh, Kendrick Lamar and I all have the same strategy when prepping for playoff games — pour a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, throw on “Archer” and let it ride. Nothing more chill than getting your Saturday morning on when it’s not even Saturday morning. I assume Bosh will be in sweatpants and a robe as well, because I know he likes to keep things leisurely.

And seriously, considering Bosh finished Game 4 and told reporters afterwards that he would “probably not” miss Game 5 because, well, he had just finished playing Game 4, it’s probably OK for him to have a couple of bowls of cereal between now and Thursday. Live it up, man. Not only is it good for Bosh’s sore ankle to be off his feet, getting that sweet cereal sugar cranking through his sys might lead to a little extra hyperactivity which might lead to grabbing more rebounds than Ray Allen. I’m not saying cereal is the key to NBA success, but I’m also not not saying it.

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  1. Secretly hoping that was Kevin Garnett, and he was eating Honey Nut Cheerios

  2. Cranking through his sys– an homage to Chelsea Peretti?

  3. Cereal crankin throuhgh my sys
    got cold cereal crankin through my sys

  4. gotta admit that I’m not Team Bosh to begin with so I don’t buy this whole Chris Bosh Is A Funny Guy Now Because Of His Constant Videobombing thing, which means I’m probably biased – but I just don’t think he’s an Archer guy. I’d think he’s into cuter, more conventional, less funny stuff. if he does like Archer, props to him but it’s probably just because of Lana (which is a good enough reason to be watching Archer, come to think of it).

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