Here’s something that happened that I’m not going to even try to explain, courtesy of the Los Angeles Daily News:

[It’s] hardly surprising that World Peace just released a children’s book titled “Metta’s Bedtime Stories.” The back of the book’s cover reveals the bedtime stories include the following titles, “Tomorrow,” “Reach for the Sky,” “One Wish,” “Mud in My Bed,” and “I’m Afraid of the Dark.”

But this 34-page illustration book geared for 4 to 10 year olds go beyond World Peace making silly jokes. The book, available, available online here and on Amazon for $12.95 for soft cover and $14.95 for hard cover, will have a portion of those proceeds benefitting World Peace’s foundation, Xcel University which primarily raises funds and supports various mental health charities and programs. Some of the proceeds will also help the foundation run by World Peace’s father, the Artest foundation, which supports inner city youth geared toward promoting non-violence.

Yes, this is true. The Amazon listing, for your perusal.

Metta’s Bedtime Stories is dedicated to ALL Children, Families, and Educators. Metta’s Bedtime Stories was written to help children think about daily events in a positive light. These stories will show everyone that you can always have a better day tomorrow, if you have a hopeful heart and keep positive thoughts. Five stories are featured in this book: I’m Afraid of the Dark, Mud in My Bed, One wish, Reach for the sky, and Tomorrow.

It’s 2013 now. Ron Artest is Metta World Peace, Metta World Peace is an award-winning mental health advocate and Metta World Peace wrote a book for kids. This is only surprising if you haven’t noticed that basically any player who wants to write a children’s book can if they want to. This is just how things work. At this point, having a kids book is like having a super-verified Twitter account.

I don’t know what to tell you — I’m just not surprised that Metta World Peace would come out with a children’s book. Considering the Lakers have nothing better to do, he might as well get some of his writings out there. Not to mention, since it’s releasing in the offseason, Metta won’t have to ask for time off to promote the book, unlike when his first record came out. As long as he didn’t include his classic story of a friend getting killed by a table leg to the chest, full steam ahead on this book boat.

Oh, let’s also make sure that the “Mud in My Bed” is really just mud. Frank Reynolds knows what I’m talking about.