Ballin: Roy Hibbert went for 23 points on 10-16 shooting, grabbed 12 rebounds and was a real Georgetown No. 55 about things all night. I am pretty sure that number gives you special hook shot powers and makes you taller than everyone on the court, so maybe we should check in to that technology.

Not so much: Chris Bosh went 1-6 from the field, scored seven points and grabbed three rebounds, which means he got outplayed by Sam Young. And when you get outplayed by Sam Young, you are Not So Much.

Let me whistle at em: Something historic happened last night — LeBron James fouled out (first time all season) and he did so on an offensive foul. That can’t have happened too many times in his career.

Two things about this: 1) LeBron earned a foul for a similar foot-under-foot thing in the first half, so at least things were consistent; 2) I know he’s mad at the officials, but LeBron should really be mad at Dwyane Wade for leaving early, before LeBron could really set this screen, which is the main reason this foul was called. Gotta wait, Wade.

Clank: The Miami Heat, who were fourth during the regular season in corner three-point percentage at 43 percent, shot 1-7 from the corners last night. Also, the Miami Heat, who were first in the regular season in at-the-rim shooting percentage with a sterling 67.2 percent mark, shot 11-23 at the rim last night. That’s a lot of missed points, my friends.

Elevator: I don’t really think this is a chasedown block by LeBron James. It is something far stranger and greater than that.

Props to George Hill for challenging LeBron at the rim when he knows what usually happens. Anti-props for forgetting what usually happens. Incredible jumping skills.

Begrudging shoutout: Even though he is one of my least favorite players in the league, I can’t deny that Lance Stephenson was instrumental in last night’s win. 20 points, 9-15 shooting, five rebounds, two assists and just one turnover for Lance Pants, who also played pretty solid defense on Dwyane Wade and did the same when he was switched on to LeBron after Paul George got in to a bit of foul trouble. Couple of agitator flops too — one of which earned him a stern talking to by Grandpa Ray — but that is to be expected at this point.

Flerps: But if we’re talking about about flops (we are), we must mention the epic LeBron-David West double flop. Here is Zapruder footage of the whole thing.

Perhaps you prefer the nonstop flop shop that is a GIF of this play, but I’ll stick with the commentary from “sweetblackgirl” because I like when she says, “This duuuuuuude. Reaaaalllly?”

Streaking: Chris Andersen STILL hasn’t missed a shot in this series, though that is only true because he didn’t have a single attempt from the field and only grabbed one offensive rebound in Game 4. Probably shouldn’t have told the Pacers about the bird box.

Other things: Dwyane Wade got called for a travel to ice the game for the Pacers, which was surprising because I thought he traveled on his first move and not the second … Lance Stephenson’s third quarter buzzer-beater was great, and so was the cross-court pass that made it possible … What the Heat’s Big Three looked like when Tim Duncan won his first ring … The Hawks hired Spurs assistant Mike Budenholzer to be their head coach next year … Even though he tweaked his ankle, I loved Chris Bosh’s cool grey/red Nike Air Max Hyperposites from last night … Photo up top via UNDRCRWN

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  1. Hi guys,

    even though I agree that all those flops up there are flops – but I would really like to have some physician who can calculate if it is normal movement that occurs afterwards or not.
    For example:
    If you can see someone like Chandler lifted in the air afterwards, I don’t think that James reaction is in any way flopping.
    Arms just tend to move later than everything else.

    In my opinion, there are often two parts to it.
    First, you get pushed enough to fall.
    Second, your brain realizes it and semi-controlled action occurs.
    So, it often looks like acting, because this second part becomes bizarre.

    I’ll stop rambling for now :D

    • Same here Hannes (are you from Germany?), I also often see two parts though I’d put yours into one part of mine:

      1. contact that causes awkward body movement and then
      2. an exaggerated wilful reaction of the player.

      The Chandler foul contains both. The NHL would hand LBJ an embellishment penalty for his fine art of acting. It’s still violent contact by Chandler as the natural movement of LBJs body upon contact shows – look how his head snaps back immediately upon impact, which one cannot fake.

      Maybe the NBA needs something like the embellishment penalty a la NHL:
      “Rule 64 – Diving / Embellishment
      64.1 Diving / Embellishment – Any player who blatantly dives, embellishes a fall or a reaction, or who feigns an injury shall be penalized with a minor penalty under this rule.”
      Exactly what LBJ did after the initial contact AND hard foul in the Chandler scene.

      The body tends to move upon impact. So stumbling backwards, flailing arms and else to absorb energy and stay on the feet is one thing, The other is that little extra of movement, holding body parts in pain that players willingly act out these days.

      Sometimes I blame Dennis Rodman (one of my all time favorites) for starting this mess, but then I see the charges and contact players took and how the movements looked way more natural back then. These days, not anymore.

  2. Do you own a pair of Huperposites Trey? If so, are they worth the price tag?

  3. LeBron fouled out of ECF last year against C’s on an offensive foul. Worked out for the Heat in the end last year so maybe its a good luck.

  4. No super serious Roy Hibbert post game interview mentions?

  5. Also note that the one corner three from Ray Allen was a miracle buzzer beater, shot while fading out of bounds. So practically 0-6 from the corners.

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