Ep. 996: The Quiz Show


Welcome to the 2012-2013 NBA Year-In-Review Quiz Show! Who will take home the crown in this high stakes game of basketball trivia — The Raspberry Gang (Skeets and Trey) or Team Clifford the Normal Sized Dog (Tas and Leigh). Listen to find out. And play along!


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Comments (38)

  1. First one in a while I’ve had trouble getting through. Trey definitely did or will sleep in that shirt.

  2. i thought this would be weakass but it turned out awesome, enjoy the crepes

  3. Not on RSS or feedburner

  4. Hey guys!I usually download the mp3 with the podcast from the link because my internet is crappy, and i don’t know why but i can’t see/download the mp3 from the link.I just wanted you to know that.

  5. It’s not on iTunes tey either.

  6. having the same problem as above ^. Please post in downloads. thanks guys!

  7. what, you all went out for crepes instead of posting the feedburner download? Thats it, no more crepes for the cheeseman

  8. great show, looking forward to next year already. this had everything – sizzling skills, epic comebacks, controversial decisions and an exciting finish.
    (also, the 100 points segment was great stuff)

  9. ..but c’mon on trey, you wrote a post about bynum’s shenanigans, even I could remember speeding and drugs!

  10. Brilliant show!
    And woooo trey could slice up every opponent if he wants to. never want to dare to play chinese checkers against him although my skills aren’t that bad!

  11. great show, even if Rasberry Gang got the full 40 for the controversial round they still would have trailed going into the last questions. nice comeback by Clifford.

  12. Show is up on iTunes now. Sorry for the delay. Had some technical issues. Thanks, as always, for your patience.

  13. Very entertaining. I’m glad I caught the live stream; I just don’t think Trey flailing his paper in frustration would’ve come through as well over audio only.

  14. It’s DeQuan Jones, not Dominque Jones who got the trillion. Dominique never played for the Magic.

  15. This is thebj.com ? I am tumescent. Anybody wanna cyber ?

  16. Anyone else not getting this episode on iTunes? How else can I download this from my iPhone?

  17. Is there any way we can get the trivia questions listed in a post? Would really like to read through them all and quiz some friends

  18. Hilarious show today fellas. Kate Middleton.

  19. Weakest link host lmao

  20. Lets see a joke quiz show next Friday
    But great show guys!

  21. Trey is killin them

  22. congrats Team “Normal”.

    If a tiebreaker was needed, you could have had a comp to see who could throw one of Treys sneakers over the Score office roof. thats the real way to settle a trivia night dispute…

  23. Appreciated that ‘Leeroy Jenkins’ shout, Trey.

  24. That was a fucking Beckinsale, boys!

  25. So did you slow it down and listen for the buzzer? Was it a tie? Did Trey ring in first? Did Tas? I really enjoyed the passive aggressive competitiveness between those two. Intense.

  26. WOW almost dead on with the game 5 predictions, angry lebron, lebron great performance

  27. Man, the shows with heaps of matt are always the best.

  28. Quality guys. Was laughing the whole way through.

  29. Great show! Should definitely be an annual event. This one is gold!

  30. What was the round called with the Jrue HolliDequan Cook questions?

    #NBAbeforeandafter ??

  31. Echoing what other people saying, this was really good and a nice change of pace

  32. You guys should’ve put on the “Whoooo!! We did it! We did it!” drop at the end of Tas and Leigh’s comeback win.

  33. This was amazing, do this every year.

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