On Friday’s episode of The Fix x The Overdose, The Jones discuss Game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals, LeBron’s dominance, whether the Grizzlies will bring back Lionel Hollins, an update on the Jennings-Ellis backcourt saga in Milwaukee, Sacramento’s new head coach, and Karl Malone’s new gig.

All that, plus Portuguese chicken, Tas’ fighting tips, the Rolling Stones, and the romantic Twitter tale of Quincy Pondexter and Miss Tennessee.


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  1. loved the nandos appreciation by leigh and jd…the best chicken you can eat

    • nandos is shit cuz its 12 bucks for a tiny piece of chicken

      you can buy 2 whole chickens for that price

      • well i dont know about how it is where you are, but in london where im from its pretty awesome

        • When I lived in Lonon, I used to eat at Nando’s. Amazing international brand. Never had it in Canada — which is funny because the number of years I’ve lived in the UK <<<<< the number of year's I've lived in Canada.

          They have one location in the US, in Washington DC.

  2. Tremendous “What the hell are you talking about” drop during Tas’ lighter-holding, weighted-fist talk.


  4. 7 Nation Army has been celebration music in European Football for years now.

  5. Anyone notice during the 3rd lebron chugged 3/4 of a Gatorade in about 2 seconds? Freak athlete

  6. Ray Allen uses his shooting sleeve on his left arm.

  7. NBA memorabilia I want on my wall: Shaq’s backwards Lakers jersey banner.

  8. That was the Tweet of the Week of the Year.

  9. Rasheed Wallace will be a great coach

  10. Missed out on the best part of the Q-Pon Twitter date scheme:

    John Hollinger: @QuincyPondexter with the ultimate heat check.

    • Seriously, that was the highlight of the entire saga. What a perfect basketball-based joke!


  12. “Who Took My Meds?”

    I almost drive my car into a tree when I heard that…

  13. NBA memorabilia I want on my wall: MJ’s game wore #12 jersey and/or the cupcake from Gerald Greens dunk contest dunk. Yum.

  14. Anyone else not getting this on iTunes? Can someone post the direct .mp3 link or .m4a so I can listen from my phone?

  15. First time I hear Portugal being mentioned on the show guys!! Kudos from Portugal hope I’m not the only portuguese follower… or else I’ll have to join the TBJ army. What´s nando’s portuguese barbecue chicken?? never heard about it, is it popular on canada and US?

  16. Trey if you’re picking a burrito joint to work at, you’ve got to go Moe’s. Way more variety to what you can get – important cause you’re eating that every day.

    But you’re right, tons of employee only food creations. I’m talking burritos wrapped in another burrito, tacos inside tacos- man I miss that place

  17. any leaks on what the 100th episode will be abouta?

  18. Totw was awesome.

    Big man coach would be Dirk. He could teach some young big men some moves.

    Great episode.

  19. “karl malone never passed”… you’re kidding right?

  20. It’s good to know Skeets knew Trey would say all of them.

  21. Kinda surprised that neither the podcast nor the comments had a “tell me how my ___ taste” in response to the Shaq question. It was my first reaction.

  22. JaVale McGee will make a great coach when he retires….a volleyball coach.

  23. Can you put Zaza on the soundboard? I was drunkenly yelling “WE’RE GOING TO GAME SEVEN, BABY!” at my friends last night and they had no idea what I was talking about. I need that to be available at all times w/o searching through an mp3.

  24. i second the zaza game 7 being on the next sound board.

    also, as far as memorabilia, for sure one of sheed’s championship belts that he gave to every piston after they won in 04

  25. why dont you give any credit to pacers?they have better players on pg,pf and center position

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