Ep. 998: Game 7, Baby!


On Monday’s episode of “The Fix,” The Jones recap Saturday’s Heat-Pacers Game 6, before discussing Roy Hibbert’s postgame remarks, Grant Hill’s retirement, the NBA’s Executive of the Year, Masai Ujiri, returning to Toronto, and why it sounds as though Lionel Hollins is done coaching the Memphis Grizzlies.

All that, plus Hodor, the G-spot, crepes, Ep. 1000 plans, and Pakistani cricket.


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  1. Before enjoy today’s podcast. I just want to inform all listeners that the over/under for times Matt uses the Zaza “GAME SEVEN BABY” drop is set at FOUR. I personally take the over

  2. Will Wednesday’s show be available for download in any form?

  3. I love you Tas! (no homo)

  4. Episode 1,000 – will you put a recording of the video on the site, for those of us who can’t watch it live?

  5. Genuinely excited to hear about PakistanI cricket. Bam bam afridi!

  6. Would love to watch the video for Episode 1,000 but won’t be able to watch live, unfortunately. Any chance that you’ll post the video somewhere?

    And pre-congrats, TBJ!

  7. Great show as usual, and great cricket talk. Pakistani guys get really worked up during cricket matches. It’s true. So worked up that they frequently can’t wait to get their butts handed to them by India in World Cup matches — Pakistan is the DeMarcus Cousins of Cricket . . . if DeMarcus cousins was found out to intentionally get thrown out of games because he was betting on the outcome and getting paid to throw the match.

  8. As Matt said at the end of the show, Ep. 1000 will be strictly a recorded YouTube video that we post on the blog. It won’t be live. Everyone will be able to watch it. We got you.

  9. Shout out to Jason Kidd, a truly awesome player to watch.

  10. I cant seem to find the Grant Hill dunk Skeets mentioned

  11. NOTHING EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. We’re all rooting for Hollins to get hired by the Clips and bring them into Memphis in the first round next year, right?

  13. No mention of the Larry Drew hire? (not that there’s much to discuss)

  14. Great show guys, was a huge Grant Hill fan too. I remember his 1st few years the on him was everyone thought he was too nice aka soft. Thats why my fav highlight of him is when he threw down right on Zo’s head and gave him a little stare down because the play before, Zo hit him with the elbow as Zo tends to do. Here’s the highlight, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PM9EhcJ4HE. It’s #1 on this clip

  15. u guys gotta cut that shit about game of thrones.,. that show is for 13 year olds

  16. Awkward that Jason Kidd retired after that whole “guess who we’re talking about” thing

  17. “If you can’t dunk it, you might wanna naauughhht dunk it.. ” – nice Bill Lumbergh, Melas.

  18. Which card is very best and very easy to get if I’ve pretty low credit score? Any recommendation

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