Hey, Craig Sager dresses weird, have you heard? Yeah, you have. Everybody has. It’s impossible to ignore.

But still, it’s fun that he dresses like various dessert treats all the time. The fact that he’s pretty tall and married to a former Bulls dancer helps, too, but I think we can all agree that it’s fun. Fun? Fun.

Also fun — Craig Sager talking about his clothes. For instance, from NBC Miami:

“I feel more comfortable if it’s lively,” he said. “I don’t like to be dull.”

Yes, obviously.

Sager claims to own more ties than Neiman Marcus. For his road trip through the Eastern Conference Finals, he packed 12 pairs of custom-dyed alligator, ostrich, eel, and leather shoes.

A) “More ties than Neiman Marcus” is a Beastie Boys lyric, basically. Craig Sager speaks in Beastie Boy lyrics.
B) Not only did Craig Sager pack 12 pairs of shoes for a two-week trip, those 12 pairs of shoes were all custom-dyed in assorted exotic skins.

No, he’s not the world’s most interesting man, but the Atlanta Journal-Constitution once surveyed the closet in his Georgia home, counting 137 suit jackets.

“I have more in another closet if you care to look,” Sager said. The journalist politely declined his offer. He was tired of counting.

137 + however many suits there were in that other closet = way too many suits.

The legend began many years ago with a trip to the Goodwill store in Fort Myers, Florida. Sager was searching for a sport coat for a resume tape, auditioning as a weatherman for a station in Tampa. He got the job, but they told him to ditch the suit.

Decades later, the legendary TNT broadcaster has the last laugh, and there’s even a website,, dedicated to his eccentric wardrobe.

In your face.

Usually someone might tell him at a game, “I was going to wear that same thing,” he said.

“And I’ll go, no you weren’t, because I had it made, it’s one of a kind,” Sager said.

In your face again.

Wasn’t that fun? I think so, but maybe that’s just because Craig Sager bragging about his wardrobe reminds me of any rapper bragging about theirs. MC Craigy Sages over here. “Got so many suits / got a second closet full / Red ostriches / I don’t like to be dull” or whatever. He’s obviously got the mic skills, so I don’t see why this won’t work.

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  1. Trey: please pen an entire MC Craigy Sages track, perhaps featuring Kent [Bazemore] The Rapper.

  2. Trey saying someone has too much apparel is rich and drenched in irony

  3. At the end of the day he will forever be in the shadows of the great Walt Clyde Frazier on the wardrobe front.

  4. diamondback rattlers so slick you can still hear dem hissing…gators so fresh and a couple of eel joints….that N***A is a pimp!

  5. He’s got more ties than soccer

  6. Damn Craig…that jacket?!!? I would never allow my husband out the house looking like that. O_0

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