On Tuesday’s episode of “The Fix,” The Jones break down the Heat-Pacers’ Game 7 before previewing and predicting the star-studded NBA Finals.

All that, plus Flo Rida, The Spirit of Tasmania, Bieber, sportsmanship, and the TBJ Army.


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  1. Correction: This isn’t the first Finals to feature four Finals MVPs. 1987 had Bird, Magic, Kareem and Walton.

  2. Trey going all haute couture, but are those guns really for hire?

  3. Tas – Don’t the Pacers have to go home for the exit interviews??

  4. Mark Cuban (who also never wears suits) is way cooler than Arison.

    • @GWA
      True: Cuban never wears suits (except on Shark Tank.) False: He’s way cooler than Arison. – Leigh

  5. Im surprised… I thought more would pick the spurs to win. I have the spurs in 5 games. Locked that $heat in.

  6. Spurs in 5 games. !!!

  7. Skeets, I don’t know what song you’re referring to, but if it’s the White Stripes, then it’s “Seven Nation Army,” not “Seven Army Nation!”

  8. When is the final Book-Off Pay-Off happening?

  9. I’m with Leigh, it will be 2011 finals all over again! Spurs in 6

  10. hope the spurs take it in 6 as well

  11. This is the thing Tas was talking about (Battier cleaning James his arm)


  12. any thoughts on the idea that engaged Dywane Wade is entirely dictated by his stylist’s agenda?

  13. Who the fork is Leigh Ellis to be calling out anyone on what’s cool?

  14. omgosh that was an amazing flo rida cover hahahahahaha love it

  15. Mikhail Prokirov is going to “punish himself” by getting married in the next few years for not winning a title. How is he not at the top of Leigh’s Cool Owners list?
    Heat in 6. LeBron+70% healthy Wade and Bosh > Mostly healthy Parker, Duncan, Ginobili, Leonard, and Splitter

  16. One thing you didn’t mention. The Pacer’s 6th man was either Augustin, Young or Hansbrough. Those guys would be 9-10ish on the Spurs.

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