I know the Eastern Conference finals is over, but I’d still like to see a chug-off between Hibbert and LeBron James. And I think I’d pick LeBron, but just barely. Better form, more head-tilty.

(via the Gregory Brothers)

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  1. I noticed that when it happened and annoyed my friend by forcing him to rewind and rewatch several times. I got sympathy brain freeze.

  2. Hibbert vs. Bron – Hibbert in a landslide victory. He finished an ENTIRE bottle.

    Bro was probably killin the beer bongs in Georgetown.

  3. He’s really good at swallowing that juice.

    No Ho-

    /is fined $75,000

  4. I saw this live and knew this would be up. It’s sort of a game now trying to predict what Trey’s gonna upload.

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