Just watch the whole thing. So good.

Much appreciated and truly honored.

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  1. That’s just downright amazing!

  2. Great video and nice recognition for TBJ.
    Wah wah jones has to be worth a google.

    • Yes! Just a hole bunch of awesome, and educational as well!
      I’m off to google that wah wah guy right now!

  3. Sam is the best Jones by miles.


    Also, Bones is a genius.

  5. Welp this is just fantastic. Y’all are feeling the love today.

  6. This is so awesome.

  7. This is so cool. I’d be geeking out if I got a shout out from chuck

  8. That was awesome! Congrats on 1000!

  9. They asked Kenny and 3D to make an appearance but they said “Nooooooo”

  10. I’m happy for you guys. Just awesome

  11. Wow! This type of recognition is fantastic! Well done!

  12. Is Bones Rocking Hornets shorts in this?

  13. good job boys. besides this, franchise mode and djf, these rst of this site is utter shit………… chuck in the building!

  14. WHAAA!!! Awesome!!! Congrats

  15. Notice the OSU hat. Congrats

    • First thing I noticed! Go Beavs!

      Congratulations on 1000 episodes too, gentlemen. It’s been thoroughly entertaining all throughout.

  16. wow the big boys came out for this…bones, ernie and even chuck! thats awesome, congrats on 1000

    also leigh unlucky that your aussies got beat down india today…that really wasnt gold

  17. Who is Wah Wah Jones?

    • Awesome, awesome college basketball player for Kentucky. Played for the real, original fab five. Won a national title and gold medal. Brief, unsuccessful nba career

  18. Feel good video of the year. Can it be nominated for something? Jonesing!


  20. This is amazing, sweet work from Bones

  21. been down with the jones since episode 53..all of you guys are amazing and i wish the world for you guys because yall deserve it. much love a loyal tbj’er jimmy from socal

  22. Sorry I didn’t have time to film something for the video!

  23. Holy mother of basketball.

    Brent Barry is amazing.


  25. Why is Trey (naked) Amar’e?

  26. Leigh, did Bones just say you from Austria? like the country that made that terminator? Can’t trust them aussies.

  27. You guys have officially arrived! So happy for and inspired by all of you. Here’s to another 1000 episodes, when you guys are officially mainstream and and I can roll my eyes as I catch your variety show on ESPN and say “man, those dudes jumped the shark”. Onwards!!

  28. I can’t stop watching this. It’s incredible.

  29. Seriously a well deserved tribute to you boys.
    Looking forward to seeing what you have install for us tomorrow and beyond the Mille

  30. That is awesome. What recognition from them.

    Congrats on 1000!

  31. thats awesome, i didnt know tnt dudes knew about tbj

  32. Brent Barry, Ernie Johnson, and Charles Barkley are good dudes.

    Congrats, you guys! Well deserved.

  33. Much deserved fellas! Can’t wait for TBJ #1000 tomorrow. Big ups!

  34. Been listening for about 900 episodes now – it keeps getting better guys so keep up the good work – just bring back the old title song, it was much better!

  35. FANTASTIC Congrats again to everyone! Nice S/O from TNT… I love that cast 50 times more now :)

  36. This is incredible! You guys better deliver with all this build up and hype!

  37. Congrats guys! BTW, that Bargnani pic @2:08 was made by me, weird seeing it on here.


  38. dope video. Bones’ tshirt swag is nice.

  39. I can’t stop smiling, I am SO happy for you guys, what an amazing thing for bones to do! well deserved and man do I hope ernie and chuck actually listen to your show now once in a while – imagine them referencing you on the show every now and then, that would be amazing… good on ya mates

  40. that is effing awesome.

  41. You fellas must be stoked. I am. Congratulations.

  42. Kenny Smith would have done a shout-out but you guys ruined his life, just like Will Ferrell ruined Christopher Walken’s with the cowbell sketch.

    He can’t go anywhere without hearing ‘GIMME SOME RAPTOR NEWS!’


  43. That was awesome, Bones went hard in the paint on that one. Congrats TBJ, still the best bball podcast ever. Keep up the good work.

  44. Incredible work by BB.

  45. congrats on 1k guys!

  46. Love it! Early congrats to you guys, can’t wait for 1,000 tomorrow. I’m making my family watch it!

  47. What an awesome video and great recognition for you guys..been so much fun watching y’all over the years.

  48. Simply amazing….congrats guys

    Esp great to see my fav crew on tnt giving props to my favorite podcast team

    Tbj gotta do a sequel to the song lol

    The picture of the naked baller was hilarious

  49. Getting a shoutout from the INSIDE NBA studio… getting a video made by a long time NBA pro and great dude and getting video congratulations by a hall of famer.
    You guys are blessed.
    But also…you guys are great. Deserved it.

    Best part – Leigh Ellis is now my fellow countrymen! appreciate it!

  50. Really happy for you guy you deserve it! Also happy that the Basketball Jones got recognition from NBA TNT and Bones! Can’t wait for the 1000th episode video. Keep em’ coming!

    Mmmmyyy litttlee neRdligZzzz

  51. Much deserved tribute – more should follow. Can’t wait for the next 1,000.

  52. I really doubt that Chuck would even know what a podcast is, but I love him and if he gave me a shout-out, I’d probably retire a satisfied Basketball Jones-er… but please don’t.

    Top work guys. You can really be proud of what you have achieved, which is more than most people can say about their lives.

  53. lmao at dequan jones!

  54. A real TBJ fan would know that Brent Barry is friends with The Jones and he listens to their podcast!And to not sound like a complete asshole i will also say this: Contratulations on your EP:1000 , TBJ ! Love you guys for what you do!Thank you and i wish you to make at least another thousand episodes.

  55. That’s awesome. Congrats dudes

  56. I got hooked on TBJ around episode 400 and have not missed an episode since. Weird, but I have been going back to “old” episodes to listen in. Congratulations on making it to number 1000. My only worry is that you make it big and forget about us “little people”.

    Keep up the awesome work !

  57. Hilarious. Looking forward to number 1000. Very cool.

  58. I can’t see the video!!! ahhhhh

  59. Bones is the best. Popeye Jones a close second… congrats on 1000 shows fellas!

  60. We’re going to episode 7000 babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  61. this is amazing. bones should join tbj

  62. The was awesome, and well deserved. You guys work hard as hell and deserve the credit. Here’s to another 1000 boys. Cheers!

  63. CHUCK! Yes! Love you guys. Love Chuck. Love Chuck giving you props. That was great.

  64. THIS one is gold! Awesome job by Bones, EJ, and Chuck – and much deserved too.

  65. Congrats and heres to a thousand more.

  66. Gold!

    Could only have been better if they got Kenny Smith to pop his head in at the end to ask for some Raptor news.

  67. What a card! That is gold!

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