Ballin: LeBron James scored 32 points on 8-17 shooting and went 15-16 from the line, which is great, but more shoutouts are coming for his supporting cast who supported him for once. 21 points and nine rebounds for Dwyane Wade, 10 points and three threes for Ray Allen, eight points and four assists for Norris Cole, eight rebounds from Chris Bosh, solid defense and general longhairedness from Mike Miller — these are things the Heat will need if they want to repeat as champions.

Not so much: Nice playoffs, Paul George. Too bad it had to end on a seven-point, 2-9 outing where the LeBron Jamesity of LeBron James just totally took George out of his game. That can happen when you’re 23 years old playing against the best player in the game during the biggest game of your life.

Heads up: Watch your face, LeBron James.

On a scale from 1-10, how scared do you think LeBron James was to smash his face against the rim? I’d guess about a six. This was also a great dunk, because LeBron just does that a bunch.

#Respect: Roy Hibbstert finished his excellent Eastern Conference finals by going 7-11 from the field, scoring 18 points and grabbing eight rebounds. He would have done even better too, were it not for those meddling kids foul trouble.

Sit down: Here is a great bit of flop-shaming from Paul George.

Perhaps not as effective as a full-on punch to the Dickens, but definitely safer.

More shats: If you love Gerald Green shooting, you must have loved him taking five shots as quick as he possibly could. If you don’t love that, sorry you had to watch.

Zinger: Here is Shaquille O’Neal calling Charles Barkley a “buttface.”

You know, just a 41-year-old man calling another grownup a “buttface” on television. Normal.

Numbers: Here is an interesting statistic for you to contemplate — one team had a 43-36 rebounding advantage that included a 15-8 victory on the offensive glass. That team was the Heat.

Other things: Shaq also fell off his chair last night … Big tip dunk from Birdman Birdman last night. He made lots of shots during this series … Vintage Dwyane Wade move and dunk that kind of told you what kind of game to expect from the Heat … Some people are very excited the Heat are advancing to the Finals … A very nice fan tribute to TBJ’s 1000th episode. Thanks, guys.