To celebrate our 1,000th episode, we looked back through seven years of The Basketball Jones to bring you the Top 20 TBJ moments. Thanks, as always, for watching and listening. Honestly, you guys rock.

Skeets, Tas, JD, Matty O, Trey and Leigh


After the jump, check out full versions of some of the clips from today’s special show.

Like A Bosh (Nov. 17, 2010)

The People’s Dunk Contest (Feb. 13, 2009)

Kobe and Artest: The Lost Trash Talk (Mar. 13, 2009)

Treyception (Oct. 4, 2010)

The Lin Report: Linshake (Feb. 17, 2012)

— Bloopers: Beach, Sausage, City Fair, FIBA Magic, Join Facebook

Quarterly Report: Mad Money (Dec. 9, 2010)

— 500th Episode Live Show: Alternate Podcasts (Jan. 15, 2010)

— 5th Anniversary Live Show: The Musical, The Game Show, The Roast (Jan. 21, 2011)

— No Season Required: Benny the Bull, Full House, Extreme HORSE, CSI: Miami, Name Change, NBA Hipsters (Nov. 1-Dec. 3, 2011)

— Random NSR: Full House Behind-the-Scenes, Gary, Yelp, Dancing Heads, Mattloaf (Nov. 1-Dec. 3, 2011)

— Draft Lottery Predictions: SCIENCE!, Giovanna, Donuts

— The Dancin’ Hedo Trilogy: Raptors, Suns, Magic

“Multiple Sources” Uncovered (July 8, 2010)

— TBJ Sings: Devlin’s Wale Diss Rap, In Memoriam 2011-12, In Memoriam 2010-11, In Memoriam 2009-10, Xmas Carols 2012, Xmas Carols 2010, Scalabrine Rap, Chuck D-League, St. Patrick’s Day

— Player Interviews: Scent, Lockout Jobs, Superheroes, Headlines, Lin Couch Surfing, Hollywood, Can’t Live Without, House, Car, Nothing, Valentine’s Day, Winter Olympics, Challenge Jordan, Pietrus Promo, Westbrook: Cat or Dog?, Summer Olympics, Do You Know Your Coach?, Showdown in Chinatown

— One-on-Ones: Kobe Bryant, Derrick Rose, Tony Parker, Amar’e Stoudemire, Steve Nash, Ron Artest, John Wall

— Matt Bonner: Napoleon Dynamite, Sandwiches, Rock the Court: Talkin’ Smack, RTC: Dunking , RTC: Teamwork

— Book-off Payoffs: Repeat After Me, Flirty Girl, Milk Was A Bad Choice, Baby Talk, Skeets Sings, Tas Prank Calls, Skeets Karaoke, The Shark Costume, Vince Carter Superfan

— TBJ Office: Behind-the-Scenes: Diversity Meeting, LeBron in Vegas: Act 1 + Act 2, Tas’ Muppet Thanks

Showin’ Love (Dec. 7, 2009)

— Other Honorable Mentions: Where Winter Happens, NBA Lockout Attack Ads, Acting with Tyler Hansbrough, Andrea Bargnani’s All-Star Anthem, LeBron’s Elbow, Heat Thanksgiving, Playoff Tips, Survive the NBA Off-Season, NBA Draft Spectacular


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Comments (163)

  1. Congratulations! Here’s to 1000 more!

  2. Fantastic stuff guys.

  3. Congrats, guys. Seriously, this is an amazing accomplishment. Cheers to the next thousand!

    • agree 100% – you guys are the best. and while it’s maybe a little too strong an expression to say that TBJ ‘changed’ my life, it certainly did influence it (in a good way). so I’m guessing when I’ll be looking back upon my life in 20 years, I’ll either still watch whatever you’re doing by then or I’ll fondly remember the days when I used to religiously follow The Basketball Jones during my time as a student. cheers to you all and good morning sweet world.

  4. Congrats guys. We couldn’t love the show more and we’re so happy for y’all for making it to 1000. Thanks for all the laughs and the info. You’re the best.

  5. 1 hour!!?!!? I’m ready!

    Thanks guys so much for doing this show day in and day out, it’s really an amazing show and congrats.

  6. Man, you guys bring it. So happy for ya’ll, looking forward to grabbing a beer after work and celebrating your accomplishment.

    in the words of the scholar, TK, #respect

  7. Congrats on episode 1000 guys. I just started listening/watching around episode 850 but I must say I absolutely love the podcast and look forward to it every day. You guys put together a great show that’s hilariously funny and knowledgable. It was also pretty cool getting a tweet of the week shout out a few episodes back (Thanks Leigh!). Keep doing what you’re doing fellas, I look forward to the next 1000!

  8. YES! YES! YES! YES!

  9. Skeets loks greaser than Jermaine Jackson.

  10. Congratz guys. I think I joined when you guys were in the 300s. You introduced me to the podcast world.

    Miss the video podcasts but love how despite everything the content has always stayed awesome.

  11. I can’t watch you guys sitting around and drinking beer without going to the store and grabbing myself a couple.

  12. Hey guys. Just want to congratulate you on your 1000th episode. I’ve been following your show since 2010 mid season and it’s definitely the best podcast in all of podcasting world. It brings me joy and laughter everytime I watch/listen to you talking about basketball. For a student living in Vilnius, Lithuania like me it’s the best way to beeing up to date with NBA.
    P.S. Does Sarunas Marciulionis really play for the “Sex Warriors”?

    • Hey, bralukas from the South! As a student from Latvia I definitely agree. And as for your question, the team is simply compiled by guys who wear throwback Warriors jerseys. So this one random dude wears a “Marciulionis” one.

  13. Cheers and congratulations. Don’t stop ever.

  14. Grats boys. Keep it up. You guys have been real and hilarious from day one.

  15. Congratulations. Not ashamed to admit that I skipped straight to find where Dancin’ Hedo was on the list.

  16. Is Trey wearing a wig in the video?

  17. Congratulations for each of the 1000 episodes (even though I only joined around no. 620)!

    I’m not even a basketball enthusiast however the show is entertaining as hell, cannot stop watching/listening to it. Thanks a lot a keep up the good work!

  18. Congratulations! Your podcast makes my daily commute much more fun. Keep up the good work.

  19. Congrats on making 1000 guys. Is this even better than your century Leigh?

  20. downloadable vid?

  21. Amazing. Can’t wait for the next 1000 shows.

  22. just loved it, gonna watch it a 1000 more times

  23. Standing ovation! Great job! You guys are the best! Woo! (Who says standing ovation?)

  24. GENTLEMEN!!!! Wonderful show… Wonderful comedy all over. Here’s to a 1000 more.

  25. Congratulations fellas! Keep up the great work!

  26. Fan-fucking-tastic. Great show and congrats again boys!

  27. Been here since the Yahoo days. Congrats guys!

  28. few podcasts have the lifespan of 1000 episodes and are still getting better. hoping for 1000 more episodes

  29. You’re my heroes guys, love the show, may it never, EVER end. Here’s to another 10.000!!

    Congrats from Hungary!

  30. Here is hoping for a thousand more. Either that or another dunk contest

  31. Congrats TBJ! Wishing you a 1000 more. Thanks for making our days that much more enjoyable.

  32. So good. So, so good. Congrats guys! To 1000 more!

  33. I never wanted this video to end…

    Thanks for everything guys, really appreciate everything you do.

    You’re awesome and I want to be your friend and feed you crumpets.

  34. I listen every single day. I have never watched you guys, in fear that it would completely shatter what I imagined you all would look like. You know, kinda like when you read a book and are terrified of watching the movie.

    I have to say, I am not disappointed. You all look like what I thought you would. Except skeets, you are way ganglier than I thought possible.

    Forever and always,


  35. Also, I expected Tas to be fat. Much fatter. Like a hershey kisses fat. Skinny face huge ass…know what I mean?

  36. How is this NOT on the list ? Atleast on honorable mentions?

  37. Tas’s Nick Collison side-part is just as weird as Trey’s Joakim Noah bun.

  38. Do you guys have the original video of Kenny Smith saying “Give me some raptor news”?

  39. Good job boys, looking forward to seeing the next 1,000!!!

  40. Fantastic. I’ve got to admit, I’m still weirdly attracted by Matt “The Gambler” Osten – is it the hat, the vest, or just the way he walks? I don’t know! Anyways, I’m always looking forward to listening to your show – TBJ is literally my favorite podcast ever.

  41. Fantastic show! I have become a big fan and thanks for the wonderful show!

  42. Congrats on the 1000 show and thanks for another great season.

    Can’t wait to see the #6 post video segment as a greatest moment in the 2000th show.

    *Awkward silence* “so…..what are we doing”

  43. Are you drinking Stella? Don’t they have real beer in Canada?

  44. I can’t wait to watch this tonight. I tend to be overly dramatic but I feel like the fact that this show has flourished in a world so filled with bullshit sports media is a real reason to be optimistic. I used to never miss one. Now I do every overdose and try to catch an episode or two each week – still the best thing going on iTunes.

  45. I would listen to an hour long podcast of entirely Gary. That guy seems like a hoot!

  46. TBJ used to be good now it’s just 3 guys in a tiny dark depressing room

  47. Skeets actually raps better than Wale.

  48. Thanks so much for 1000 amazing episodes. Already looking forward to number 1001.

    But I did want to say, in amongst all the fun, jokes and irreverent tangents (which are amazing) you guys are excellent NBA analysts, and I mean that.

    Okay so your not Zach Lowe, but I really wanted to praise you guys for not just repeating the same old narrative that every single publication trots out. You guys watch the games and actually come up with insightful things to say.

    There is no better example than this year when Tas was seemingly the only person pointing out that The Lakers might suck, and D’Antoni might be doing a bad job, but it had nothing to do with “his system”. They never played anything like the Pheonix system, but every talking head kept saying they were and blaming “his” offense – TBJ however actually broke down what was happening on court and delivered a proper critique.

    Great stuff guys!

    (…but no best of Leigh Ellis audio selection?)

  49. Matt, your apartment is incredibly nice and this show was fantastic. Congrats on 1k guys!

  50. Nice show guys. Congrats from Portugal.

  51. episode 10,000 is gonna be dope.

  52. No grandma Lana?

  53. Great job guys! Glad to be part of the TBJ army. Loving the Joker 3s Trey!

  54. Such a well done 1000th episode, once I saw you guys drinking beers I had to go grab one myself. Keep up the great work. TBJ all day!

  55. Amazing, incredible, great, fantastic. The montage of Tas sign-offs had me rolling.

    You guys are awesome, and I am jealous because you seem to have the best jobs in the world.


  56. I love you guys!

  57. Great job guys! I’ll always remember winning a pair of shoes for knowing Matt’s old band’s name. Also, that time I ran into Matt outside a comedy club. I’m starting to sense a creepy pattern…

  58. Love it, guys. Listening to your podcasts makes me that awkward coworker who giggles and laughs out loud in her cubicle, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks for all you do. Best NBA podcast by far. Can’t wait for another 1,000+ episodes! Congrats again.

    • Yeap I got busted in the break room last week laughing at Osten’s ‘Miss Tennessee’ impression! Congrats on making 1000 eps guys, my girlfriend hates your show because it’s the first thing I listen to in the morning… communicating can wait woman!

  59. Great job as always boys. I loved the commentary style of this podcast. As a relatively new listener (~800) I especially enjoyed the older stuff I hadn’t seen before (Vince circa 2001 woulda destroyed that one legged hop-hop-dunk).

    Right now I’m thinking of taking after @wooblyball and get my gf into the show. I think this would be a good starting point.

    Listening to TBJ inspires me to do a podcast in the same way that watching old highlights makes me want to go try new moves on the court. If I were to, I’d be lucky to get to 100 like you guys. Congrats.

  60. Congrats on 1000th episode guys, looking forward to watching it

  61. This was very nicely done gentlemen! Congratulations on a 1000th- Keep up the Stellar work!

  62. Congratulations guys! You guys are the best in the biz (yes, even better than the BS Report and the Jalen Rose & Jacoby pod)!

  63. Guys congrats from Croatia. Joined around 700th episode, so I regret missing more than 2/3 of your journey. Ever since I started my ride to work has been much more enjoyable. Keep it up and special greetings to Leigh.

    One remark, for overdose on Friday, june 7th, it is 20th anniversary of Drazen Petrovic’s tragic death in car accident in Germany! Mozart as we know him in Europe, was the pioneer for all the manus, dirks and parkers that we see nowadays. First european player to play significant role in the nba, when everybody in the nba was sceptic if euro player can play in the nba. He was top 10 scorer in the nba during his nets days, and if I am not mistaken was voted in third all-nba team. He played in finals in 1990 with blazers vs. Pistons bad boys. During euro time he won 2 euro titles and was leading croatian national team to finals game with original dream team in Barcelona olympics in 1992. He died during suns-bulls ’93 finals and there was a moment of silence before one of the finals game. He is hall of famer as well and we will never forget him in Croatia. I am sure you remember him, Leigh for sure. It would very nice if you mention it during the show.

  64. Best tbj episode ever. Sad that’s it’s all down hill from here

  65. Happy 100, guys!

  66. Favourite part of the video:Matt throwing the all seeing eye.Also congrats on the thousand episodes !

  67. The sign off was perfect! Congrats guys!

  68. “This one’s gold,” but honestly, they all are. Congrats, guys.

  69. How has “Make me a sandwich” not become a drop yet?

  70. I started listening to you guys when I lived in Canada, four plus years later you are pretty much the only thing that has been a constant in my life since, so many thanks.

    I think the best compliment I can give you is to say that I’d happily pay a subscription fee to your podcast/blog… Imagine, if you guys got money from your viewers/listeners/readers you could all buy ridiculous necklaces like that fool Florida was wearing at game seven the other night…

  71. J.E.,
    How do I get in touch with you regarding a one-on-one interview with James Goldstein? Thanks

  72. Tas and Skeets, when are you guys doing the bookoff payoff from the last month of the season? I hope you didn’t forget

  73. Boxout-kid is missing! Otherwise, great episode.

  74. Many congratulations. Discovered TBJ this season and is now my soundtrack to and from work through the streets of Dublin, Ireland.

    We get very limited games on TV here, so your analysis is the only access I have to the latest NBA news and gossip. Keep up the great work.


    • Stepping on the beach beach stepping on the beach beach stepping on the beach beach stepping on the beach beach

  76. Congrats Tas and the rest of your TBJ boys.

    I’ve been watching from the start and feel proud of your accomplishments. Very inspiring stuff fellas. Here’s to an even more successful future.


  77. Amazing guys, incredible journey to 1000. You guys are great. Fav podcast

  78. thank you guys!!!!

  79. Best damn basketball show. Congrats!

  80. Awesome show. I know it’s a little recent, but Lee Ellis opening basketball cards should have been here somewhere.
    But thanks for all the effort you guys have put in over the years. It’s become my favorite podcast!

  81. 1000! Ever try counting to one thousand? It takes forever.

  82. where’s caroline?

  83. Absolutely hilarious! Congrats on 1000, guys!

    I will say, Leigh opening a pack of old basketball cards would have made my top 20.

    Great work!

  84. Great show guys! I found you guys via Grantland the first time they featured the podcast and haven’t missed an episode since. Keep up the great work and congrats on 1000

  85. Congrats on 1000 guys! Always enjoy spending my lunch break listening to you guys and laughing out loud as my coworkers give me death stares. Thanks for all the hard work putting this together and I’m excited for thousands more.

  86. Congrats guys. The show is the best. You keep me smiling to and from work. Here’s to another 1,000!

  87. congrats on the 1000 episodes fellas! you guys have made my mornings here down under so much more enjoyable for the 6 years i’ve been listening/watching. seeing as i’m sitting in an office right now, i’ll simply raising my water bottle in salute, and try and sneak in watching an hour long video while my boss is distracted.

  88. Congrats on 1000 eps. !!! I wish you all picked the time Leigh opened the basketball cards for the first time

  89. JD did a great job on this. The production is terrific. The show in its current form is good too but this makes me miss the “TV” year as was mentioned in this episode. It was like an extra dimension to the show. There are visuals that make it distinctly TBJ and I really liked that. Even if it was just little things like thanking facebook fans from your office. That was done really well and set you miles apart from all other podcasts in my mind. Too bad about the whole merger/acquisition thing that happened. Someone get these guys back on TV!

    Congratulations and Keep up the great work! :)

  90. glad i’ve been around for all these moments.
    thank you for making the hour long commutes bearable.

  91. Way to go ya’ll. TBJ really makes my mornings go and 1000 episodes its a big deal. Celebrate with some Stellas and some Primo pasta.

  92. congrats guys, appreciate it.
    Blake Griffin on your head!

  93. great episode. my favorite moments of the jones are all the rounder updates, the time you all had a rap battle, and when matty-o was high as hell off weed cookies.
    you guys rock and heres to another 1000 episodes

  94. Congrats on 1,000 episodes hope you guys do 10,000 more

  95. A world without TBJ is no world I want to live in.

  96. Massive love guys!
    Always look forward to the podcast when I wake up, get the plugs in and get my fix of “Gooooooood moorning Sweeet world”.

    Cheers from Elwood, Australia

    …and remember, if you make another 100 episodes….that would be alot of tasty crepes.

    Embrace the day TBJ

  97. Amazing. Thanks for the memories and I look forward to hearing the next 1000 episodes.

  98. Listening to you guys makes me happier than almost everything except hugging my dog. Today is my birthday and the only gift I wanted was to come home after work and watch the 1000th episode. Thanks for doing what you do.

  99. I laughed the whole way through! Awesome show guys, congrats on reaching 1000, and thank you for years of top class entertainment.

    Keep doing what you’re doing!

  100. Congrats on 1000. Best podcast out there.

  101. Congrats guy! Just started listening last season, and I watched the fix when i get home every afternoon. Keep up all the great work!

  102. GREAT!!

    Thanks so much guys.
    I really enjoy and appreciate your work.
    Please keep it up.

    from the ADL

  103. Long time listener since 2009, really enjoyed this montage of clips. Episode 2000 is going to be pretty sweet.

  104. Longtime NBA fan, began listening sporadically last season. Dedicated myself to follow more NBA this year with.the NHL lockout, and listening to every epiosde this year, truly made the NBA a better sport to watch. Thanks for all the hard work putting this together. Congrats and cheers to 1K more…

  105. I’m a new listener so thanks for catching me up!

  106. Keep doing your thing! digging the 3s soleman

  107. For Ep. 2000, can we get an actual circle jerk? I think we’re all a bit curious about what MattyO’s working with, and I know Tas, at least, would be up for it. Enjoyed the Tas-Leigh incidental leg touching in any case.

    Only on seeing that JD as the devil number again was I reminded of how much he would be perfect for the title role in Faure’s opera Faust.

    Should have ended with a freeze frame of everyone jumping as the credits roll over “I Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore.”

  108. First time watching, but I’ve listened for a while. Great work by JD getting this together. Thanks for the always entertaining podcasts.

    You guys converted me from a hockey fan to a basketball fan.

  109. Thanks so much guys for the hours of entertainment. You guys are hilarious and have such great collective chemistry. Grats on 1000 and here’s to many more!

  110. Seriously the best podcast I’ve ever subscribed to. Comedic gold, high basketball IQ, and essentially any NBA lover’s dream job. The 1,000 episode tribute should be aired on ESPN Classic every day of the year. Congrats and keep up the good work fellas!

  111. Can you post “nba comedy” I need to see that standup!

  112. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

  113. Congrats boys! Great S**t! When are you boy’s coming to Australia?

  114. This made me laugh so hard that I accidentally inhaled the cinnamon I had sprinkled on my porridge. Congratulations on reaching 1000 shows and for making every weekday morning funner than a workday should be. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to congratulating you on your 2000th show.

  115. Enjoyed listening to you guys since the late 800′s.

  116. frikkin awesome. congrats guys! thought I knew the history of tbj but I knew nothing. only came in at around the time Linsanity was happening.

    MIss the iTunes video but otherwise fantastic show.

  117. Congrats Skeets, Tas, Trey, Matt, JD and Leigh! I only started watching around 700 but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. And double thanks for that outro, the daily Tas-isms have to be my favourite, and the most emblematic moments of what TBJ is (besides basketball). I can’t wait to see the next 1000!

  118. Congratulations on the 1000 show! I’ve been listening since winter of 2007/2008, back in the day you had the guitar rift intro and the sexy girl voice drops.. great times! It really made the drive from Montreal to Florida fly right by. I think I downloaded as much episodes as possible for the drive up and I have been hooked on the Jones since!

  119. congrats amigos and I do mean amigos – thanks

  120. I also ALWAYS laugh when I see Tas in the shark suit and he falls and can’t get back up because of his cast/broken leg! The reason for that is because I know EXACTLY what that’s like because I have worn a knee high cast 2 times in my life!

  121. Congrats on the 1000 episodes TBJ! Started listening when Grantland picked you up and haven’t missed a show since. By far my favourite podcast! Thanks for all the hard work.

  122. Congratulations on 1000 from Croatia!
    I’ve been here since Matty O was intern and haven’t missed more than a few episodes since. Thanks for the brilliant show and also thanks for improving constantly with new additions( Trey and Leigh) and with new contents. Keep up the great work!
    See you every work day at 5p.m. here!

    • that’s when I started watching too! Well maybe like a month or two before that, back when Skeets was editor for Ball don’t Lie I believe

  123. Congrats on 1000 shoes guys. Seriously, that’s Imelda Marcos territory, very impressive.

  124. These are all fine selections, but you should have included the prank phone calls from a few weeks ago.. that had me laughing so loud at the office, my co-workers got curious and started listening to your show

  125. Congrats on 1000 guys! And a special shout-out to JD, Matty O, and Leigh for making this episode so amazing!

  126. Bargnani All Star video needed a mention!

  127. Thanks, guys, this was so awesome. Skeets, great job on Simon Says. You sounded just as good as Phaoroh Monche!

  128. This was fantastic. Shot out to JD for putting it together. You guys coming to BK for the draft?

  129. Congrats TBJ dudes! Been an avid listener for a few years now.
    I’ll be working on some TBJ fan art soon for you guys

  130. I remember hearing ”Scal says ‘ before tbj, best rap diss EVER!

  131. A big congrats for the entire crew. I’ve been an avid listener since the 300s, and it’s been a joy ever since. I love that you guys can have fun with the discussion. Keep up the great work. A special shout out to JD and Matt and the guys behind the scenes as well. This episode had to have taken a ton of effort.

  132. The word epic was invented for your show! This wrap-up of TBJ-history was mindblowing, I enjoyed every second! (Especially the roast which I had not seen before)

    Keep up the good work and embrace the day!

  133. Congratulations guys. Thanks for sharing my long commutes to work and school, for hanging out during my workouts and blow-out basketball games. Tas’ “Iman Shumpert” makes me laugh every time.

  134. Been listening since you boys were in single digits. The first run of 15 min daily shows helped keep me sane during my 1.5 hour commute to college. Thank you guys so much for putting out such an awesome show for so long

  135. Hey guys,

    Great 1000th episode and congrats on the milestone. I just started listening at the beginning of this season (Probably your preview shows were my first) and it’s been a fun ride ever since. You guys bring the funny and the knowledge every day and this is one hell of a podcast. Looking forward to the next 1000.

  136. Great work guys. I started listening 2 years ago, and it was great to see all the hilarious stuff you made before I joined the army. Keep it up.

  137. awesome look back, 1000 sure is alot. my favorite part of every show though has to be Tas “and remember”

  138. Thank you fellas

  139. The best thing about TBJ : a basketball show Of the fans, By the fans and For the fans. No former players-turn-pundits. No beat writers-turn-pundits. No columnists-turn-pundits. No “insiders”. Just guys who love the game and actually still play it for fun.

    Last thing : the Roast was golden.

  140. I see them joker 3′s Trey… *ballin*

  141. great job guys, though how is Leigh Ellis not in the Top 20? Just his ‘drops’ should have been top 5.

  142. Love the podcast. Much love from Manila, Philippines!

  143. This one is gold!

    Congratulations, guys. I just started listening to TBJ about a year ago, but I really enjoy it and consider myself a part of the army. All the best.

  144. I just want to say a huge CONGRATULATIONS!!!! to you guys at TBJ! I’m extremely happy and proud for what you’ve been able to accomplish through these years.

    I’ve been a follower since the late 300s and have desperately tried to get my friends, who are NBA junkies like me, to get to follow you ever since. Anyway, you’re now a key part of my daily routine (even my wife knows you well by now) and have been for a few years now.

    I’m very happy I stumbled upon a J.E. Skeets’ (who I was reading regularly at Yahoo! back in they days) blog entry where he put a link to some basketball talk show. I’ve been hooked ever since!

    Keep up the great works fellas and push for episode 2000! I’ll be there all the way!

  145. Been a fan since Remember “Rasheed Wallace puts together ikea furniture”?WHERE SHEED’S DRILL AT. Way to go.

  146. congrats from germany! Proud Amir is representing us well.

    Found your podcast in the summer of 2010 and followed ever since. 2 towel perfomances are tough to put up every day, but you guys keep bringing it.

    Here’s to a 1000 more!!!

  147. Thanks for everything gentlemen. Great, great podcast.

  148. nice! other words other words other words

  149. best basketball show ever. keep up the awesome fucking work.

    also, JDs long hair was my favorite part of this

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