Huh? What? Really? From Adrian Wojnarowski:

The Denver Nuggets have fired coach George Karl, a league source told Yahoo! Sports.

With one year left on his contract, Karl was pushing for a contract extension and ownership was unwilling to make the commitment. With a sense that Denver could be facing a year of acrimony with the 2012-’13 NBA Coach of the Year, CEO Josh Kroenke decided to part ways with Karl.

For Kroenke, this was a bold move for the franchise, but multiple sources said that Karl had been so unhappy about going into the final year of his contract without a new deal that things could’ve become untenable with him.

So, since April 6 of this year, the Nuggets have lost one of their best players to an ACL injury, a first round playoff series that they were favored to win, the reigning Executive of the Year and the reigning Coach of the Year. Pretty rough couple of months, especially coming on the heels of their most successful regular season since joining the NBA. Cruel summer.

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  1. Leaving me here. Leaving me here all alone

  2. Just call them the Denver Bananaramas already.

  3. Raps!!!!!!!!! Get him

  4. been supporting milan since i was 8 so this pic is great. but I thought Karl was a Barca man…

  5. Masai, please re-unite with Karl. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE….and move Casey to the defensive coach. How excellent would this be? Number 1 offense coach and a very good defense coach ….wow

    • Same thing I thought would be a really good idea. Demote coach Casey as Defensive coach and hire George Karl as head coach. That way, not burning bridges and just adding to chemistry rather than starting all new.

  6. Um…yeah, so…I’ve got nothing. Sad week for my Nuggets.

  7. Why’s George Karl wearing an AC Milan jersey in that pic (especially at a function where Ujiri is in a suit)? …..Anybody?….. Bueller?…

  8. This was absolutely the right decision- statheads pegged Denver to win 60+ games this season- 57 wins with that roster isn’t anything special. Wilson Chandler is not a PF, Kenneth Faried is not a C, and Corey Brewer is not a SF and Al Harrington shouldn’t play 4,000 minutes over two seasons (previous two years, but completely inexplicable).

    Great guy, terrible coach.

    Playing small only works when your best players are small (LeBron is NOT a “small-ball” anything- he’s significantly bigger than Ben Wallace).

    • to avoid concerns with future commentary weirdness, I’d try to put Pete over here down as a guy who does not make a whole lot of sense, but I’m not kidding anyone, I won’t remember this… so hey, pete, you just called george karl a “terrible” coach. I don’t think I have to go into detail.

      • Couple things for Pete:

        statheads are never 100% accurate.

        Wilson Chandler will be a 4 later in his career. now hes a stretch Forward. Ditto for Faried in regards to Center vs power forward. Teams are going with faster, physically smaller line ups. Jeff Green or KD at the 4 vs. Timmy or KG.

        Pete’s a great guy, terrible analyst.

        Saying LeBron at the 4 is not small ball because he is bigger than Ben Wallace is like saying Greivis Vasquez (6’6″) is not a tall PG because he’s 3 inches shorter than Magic. Can’t compare to outliers.

        • Pete absolutely agree. A coach’s main job is to play his best players and he routinely failed to do so. Simple as that.

          • Karl’s rotations struggle. Two specific examples:

            First game of ’12-’13 season, Karl plays Fournier down the stretch against the Sixers in his first ever NBA game, ultimately costing the Nuggets the game.

            First round of playoffs against the Warriors. Karl needs someone who can make 3′s and challenge Curry’s shot. Fournier was the only fit for this on the roster with Brewer unable to keep up with Curry. Evan played less than 20 minutes every game of the series and Steph puts on a clinic.

            I’m not a huge Fournier fan or a Karl hater, I’m just saying Pete’s not off base. Hopefully the next coach can better develop Faried’s touch around the hoop/ free throws.

  9. Karl did a hell of a job with no superstars and Andre Miller as their best player.. on the other hand Denver’s lack of defense proved recipe for disaster

    Still tough to justify this move, most teams would love to have him

  10. Hey Atlanta, make this happen

  11. Coach of the year award is cursed. Once you win one, you might as well resign because you’ll get fired in the next 3 years. check the past since 2000

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