Huh? What? Really? From Adrian Wojnarowski:

The Denver Nuggets have fired coach George Karl, a league source told Yahoo! Sports.

With one year left on his contract, Karl was pushing for a contract extension and ownership was unwilling to make the commitment. With a sense that Denver could be facing a year of acrimony with the 2012-’13 NBA Coach of the Year, CEO Josh Kroenke decided to part ways with Karl.

For Kroenke, this was a bold move for the franchise, but multiple sources said that Karl had been so unhappy about going into the final year of his contract without a new deal that things could’ve become untenable with him.

So, since April 6 of this year, the Nuggets have lost one of their best players to an ACL injury, a first round playoff series that they were favored to win, the reigning Executive of the Year and the reigning Coach of the Year. Pretty rough couple of months, especially coming on the heels of their most successful regular season since joining the NBA. Cruel summer.