Way back in the olden days of 2010, LeBron James and Chris Bosh decided to play basketball with their buddy, Dwyane Wade, and completely and totally ruined the NBA with their friendship. The league has not recovered to put up huge ratings, the Miami Heat have won the past 16 NBA championships and 75 percent of children born in the United States during the past year have been named LeBron Bosh Wade, no matter what the family’s last name is — thanks to “The Decision,” the Miami Heat have eroded our way of life. These are dark times.

But still, Gregg Popovich has Pat Riley’s back. Always has and always will. From Sports on Earth:

While plenty of folks were cursing the Heat, spitting on their method of building a team, screaming about the unfairness of it all and shaking a fist at the welcome party the threw for themselves in the Summer of Hate, 2010, team president Pat Riley heard his phone ring and was stunned that the voice on the other end was friendly.

“He put a team together fairly, within the rules, that is a monster,” said Spurs coach Gregg Popovich. “Why wouldn’t he get credit for that? Why wouldn’t you congratulate him for that? So I called to congratulate him.”

First he said American players should be more worldly and that American television is bad, now he’s saying that playing by the rules to create a superteam is a good move by an executive — Gregg Popovich is just hitting all the hot button issues. Doesn’t he know we’re supposed to love America and hate anything to do with LeBron James and the Miami Heat? What are are you trying to do, Gregg Popovich? Keep everything in proper perspective? Ugh.

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  1. Better than the NBA “giving” you a player…Lakers
    Tanking a season to get a good draft pick….Spurs

    • That’s an interesting claim you have about the Spurs. I’d like to you actually back it up.

      • @Bob

        Little to no research (and by that I mean ‘just f*cking google it’) will show you that the concept of tanking was basically born in the 1996-97 season, where a big number of teams (and not only the Spurs) just gave the season away for the prospect of getting Duncan. It has clearly paid off, since they’re still riding him for a 5th title after 16 years.

        Having said that, Spurs in 6

        • In 96-97, the Celtics were openly tanking all season long, and everyone knew it. They were the only team I recall being accused of it. Back then I subscribed to Sporting News and Sports Illustrated and read everything else I could, and I never heard anyone accuse the Spurs of tanking in 96-97 until a few years ago.

          David Robinson entered that season on the injured list due to a back injury suffered while playing in the Olympics with a hernia. (The back injury that plagued him the rest of his career.) He had surgery for the hernia after the Olympics were finished, and returned to action in mid-December. Six games later he broke his foot. I don’t know how that qualifies as tanking. And he wasn’t the only player injured that season. A number of players suffered an injury, with most ending up in a cast. Again, do you actually think the Spurs players agreed to pretend to be injured and wear a cast so the team would get a better draft spot? If Robinson could have played late in the season (and by late I mean late March at the earliest), is it tanking to hold him out to help his foot heal completely and help his back get stronger rather than put him in and risk further injury in an already lost season?

          Also, why would Pop fire his friend and coach, Bob Hill, because of the lack of defense that season if he wanted to tank? That was my first season as a season ticket holder and I noticed a change in the defensive effort almost immediately. I want to know how playing better on the defensive end contributed to tanking…

          As I recall, when the Spurs won the draft lottery, many in the media said it was karma that the Celtics did not win because they had been tanking. Why would they think it was okay for the Spurs to tank and win and not the Celtics? Again, I’ve only heard (or read) the accusations against the Spurs in the last few years and I’ve never understood the revisionist history. Every team that wins a draft lottery did not tank their season. Some teams have sucked due to injuries and some have just sucked.

  2. so forget about the Celtics with Ray Paul and Kevin? the NBA has more drama than day time TV.

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