On Friday’s episode of “The Fix” x “The Overdose,” The Jones recap Game 1 of the NBA Finals, before discussing Jason Kidd’s retirement, the Nuggets firing George Karl, the Pacers’ bright future and a new idea for the 2K video game series.

All that, plus ring hats, The Boss, title chasers, and the return of JD’s kids.


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  1. GUYS!
    congrats afterwards but i was expecting a sort of history wrap-up of the TBJ on the 1000th podcast.
    So can you please answer me:
    1. How did Leigh and Trey joined the TBJ?
    2. How did Melas and Skeets got to know eacht other and come up with the idea of the podcast?
    3. And why the HECK are you better than ever and probably the scores biggest attention horse in the stable…..and got so heartlessly downgraded to that dark depressing booth from phone-in-shows with huge flatscrenns, a big studio and nice budget for trips and animation??…you deserve more!

    • Listen to the blank jones on those topics it’s in the archives

    • #3 I believe the Score was split into 2 companies this year – tv and internet. The cool studio went with the TV group.

  2. Blank jones this summer?

  3. Could have used a little more specific body part to body part microanalysis from Tas.

    I think you can still tell Matt’s joke in any scenario.

  4. Tony “The Top” Parker?

    I’m glad Tas brought up about the Heat commenting on their seven game series. Everyone always talks about the “rest vs rust” debate but it’s so pointless; now, the Heat are fatigued because they played seven games, but if they had won, it’s because they had momentum. Same with the Spurs: they win, it’s because they’re rested, they lose, it’s because they had too much time off.

  5. Tony Parkers nickname should be Tony the Tiger…because HE’S GREAT!

  6. I agree with Leigh Bloody Ellis that Cheeks is not the answer as a head coach. As a pistons fan, I am very disappointed with this decision by Joe. He is a terrible coach evaluator. Why cant Laimbeer even get an interview?

  7. Besides the terrible army nation seven, whatever, intro, did you guys notice they announced LBJ first and Wade last? This is my Tas-like weird takeaway but it does seem ridiculous that Wade is getting the final player announcement in the starting line up.

  8. tony “parkour”?

    • Yes, I’ve been mentally referring to him as this for awhile. Parkour is even derived from a French term.

  9. It’s especially weird that they let LeBron’s mom kiss every guy on the team, what with all the rumours with her and Delonte West…

  10. The Spurs are invincible – nobody can defeat them. To face the Spurs is like going up against every single team in the NBA, not to mention the 1920 Original Celtics – the original fathers of basketball – whom the Spurs model their game after.

    George Karl is rumored to be the next Clippers coach. The key here is Sterling’s cheap ways: Karl was fired with one year remaining on his contract. Sterling loves offsetting contracts because he won’t have to pay much. Of all the teams who get a retread coach, it’s going to be the Clips. BUT Karl’s system fits Lob City like a glove. Quite a paradox.

  11. Maybe LBJ’s mom is on the prowl in that tunnel.

  12. Missing you pun-gun. Will it return next year or is it gone forever?

  13. 2K15 = Kyrie Irving

  14. Greetings trey, this message is about applying for the internship, I think I would suit the part seeing how I often lift heavy objects and I enjoy the work, email me if your interested in making this happen


  16. So now that THE Score IS BECOMING Sportsnet 360 July 1st

    What happens to TBJ? Strangely not 1 word spoken about this, it’s a pretty big deal no?

    • the TBJ part of the theScore is now an independent internet company, the tv side (not the jones) is sportsnet property

  17. If Spurs go on to take the championship and Tony continues to have a great series can we just christen him Saint Tony, the patron of spin moves and broken bankshots. He plays in a city who’s name, San Antonio, directly translates to Saint Anthony. It’s also draped in irony since his off court life hasn’t been exactly saintly. I mean we have King James, why not Saint Tony?

  18. Regarding ringchasers: The Glove was my first choice, too. Also: Clyde (successful) and Chuck (fail) with the Rockets in the ’90s. IMO the classic ringchaser was Wilt when he left Philly and went to LA to team up w/West, Goodrich, and Baylor after years of losing in the ECFs to the Celtics.

  19. -Favorite J-Kidd moment: As a New Jersey native, winning the 2002 Eastern Conference crown and realizing the Nets were going to the NBA Finals (and enjoying that since they had no chance vs LA)/Every single Kidd led fast break with K-Mart, RJ, and/or Kerry Kittles filling in the lanes.
    -Favorite Ring Chaser – Sheed with the Celtics/Knicks, Malone with the Lakers, Michael Finley going for ring #2 with the C’s.
    -2K15 Cover Athlete: Russell Westbrook, leading the new “My Wardrobe” mode, testing your skills to look as ridiculous as possible for your postgame conferences.

  20. Was I the only one who noticed TWO princess bride drops? Matty O you wizard of sound….

  21. ‘Danny Green light’…. around 3 minutes… new danny green drop.

  22. shocked you guys missed out on Delonte West jokes

  23. Spurs in 5 games dawg!

  24. JD kids!!! That was awesome!

  25. Kyrie was speaking at the Xbox conference about a new nba live game for ea. I don’t think he will be on 2k14 cover.

  26. My favorite under the radar ring chaser would be Greg Foster who left the Jazz after a long career with Stockton and Malone to join the Lakers and got a ring for playing about 4 minutes in a season. Shortly afterwards, Karl Malone tried the same and failed. Must have really pissed off Stockton and Malone to see Foster with a ring under the circumstances.

  27. No love for Drazen?

    I am so disapointed :-(

    Leigh my man?… At least you were…

    Espn showed lot of love:


  28. Post finals schedule?

  29. Alvin Gentry coached the Clippers for three years, yo.

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