Ballin: LeBron James had 18 rebounds and a triple-double, Tim Duncan had 20 and 14 and Tony Parker went for 21 points and six assists with no turnovers. However, the most impressive thing of the night was that the Spurs turned the ball over a grand total of four times while playing their first Finals game after a 63-week layoff. (Miami had four turnovers going in to the fourth quarter, and ended up with eight, which is a huge reason why this was one of the cleanest-played games of the playoffs thus far.)

Not so much: Chris Bosh went 0-4 from three last night –and 5-8 from midrange, where he’s one of the best in the league — which is already the fourth time he’s shot that many threes in a game during this year’s postseason. Before that, he’d shot that many in a game just once in his entire career.

Sweet River Baines: This shot by Tony Parker. Come on.

Just your run of the mill leaning banker that touches every part of the rim and barely beats the buzzer after taking a knee and still keeping a dribble going. Basic stuff.

Wanted: Video of Tim Duncan getting a fierce chest bump from Shaq in the hallway after the Spurs’ win. Game respect game.

Detective: Here is a Norris Cole highlight that isn’t him knocking down a big three.

Five points, four assists and two rebounds for Norbit. Nice game, nicer shot.

Scary: The Spurs won this game after trailing for most of the evening. Even worse for Miami, San Antonio shot just 7-23 from three and saw at least four wide-open threes just barely miss. This could have been way worse.

Wizardry: If you were wondering if Manu Ginobili would throw passes through the Heat’s legs during the NBA Finals, your questions were answered.

Maybe Pete Maravich was better at this — I don’t know, since I’m too young to know — but Manu Ginobili has to be one of the best ever at throwing basketballs through opponents’ legs. I mean, if he’s doing it as they run away with their back turned during the most important series of the year, then he is pretty good. He also threw a screwball pass, which was nearly as impressive as this nutmeg.

Brick: After a 3-5 evening, Chris Andersen has missed four shots in his past two games. Prior to those two miss fests, he’d missed six shots in the playoffs (14 games).

Other things: Ray Allen missed another free throw last night, but he also sank three straight with a minute-and-a-half left after a stupid Danny Green foul, so all is forgiven … You could tell we were in for a good game when Dwyane Wade started things off with a dunk … Tony Parker busted out his signature spin move last night … He also busted out the Embarrass Joel Anthony move, which worked pretty well … Here’s a Danny Green video that’s making the rounds and is quite obviously fake

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  1. That Manu pass between the legs looked impossible. The gap he threw it through was smaller than a basket, and it didn’t exist when he threw the ball. He anticipated when, where and how large a gap that Cole’s stride would create and threw it through this imaginary space.

    That doesn’t seem real, right?

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking. It’s like he willed the gap to appear.

    • Clearly he’s just seeing the source code of the Matrix.

    • I will miss Manu when he retires. Nobody else does stuff like this. Even what I see as the closest successor, Rondo, doesn’t have that je ne sais quoi.

    • it really does look impossible when it’s slowed down like that. How can any person anticipate where that opening between the legs will be?

    • Yeah that Manu pass was freaking incredible. Passing through a stationary pair of legs is difficult enough, passing through a guy in defensive slide motion, on only the 2nd step, is amazing timing, anticipation and skill. It’s perfect and just a little audacious.

      If only Parker hit the shot or hit Kawhi for an open made J. Any reason to help get that pass shown again on replays. Great help D by Lebron though.

  2. here’s the vid of shaq showing tim some love

  3. I got a Vine of the Shaq/Duncan dap: But, you know, it’s a Vine, so yeah.

  4. Also, re: the Danny Green video. I was there when they shot it, but I can confirm that he did actually make one shot into the cup. Unfortunately, it was not the one recorded. He actually seemed kind of frustrated when he couldn’t make one later, but the plan was always to edit in the shot later.

  5. Manu’s was amazing.

    Cole’s awesome layup was a 4 step travel. Please explain it to me if its now. The replay clearly shows him taking 3 HUGE steps! Thats why he was ABLE to be the “greatest rim protector of all time” LOL

    • right. there was no doubt he took three steps after picking up the dribble. I was very surprised that JVG didnt call it out, since they did replay it at least once during the broadcast.

      • The slo-mo replay is cut off right after his last dribble, so the first of his three steps in the replay is him still gathering control from his final dribble. When he is holding the ball in both hands he takes two steps before jumping.

  6. With Manu being a lefty, the spin he put on that pass would make it a simple curveball not a screwball but this is basketball so I’ll shut up

    • If that were true, every curve a lefty threw would be called a screwball.

      • After it left Manu’s hand it looks to me like the ball moved in the air in a straight line. It’s the spin and the bounce off the floor that makes it seem like a screw ball. Which means it would have a curveball spin on it. If it had screwball spin it would bounce to the right after hitting the floor.

        Throw a right handed curveball bounce pass during your Sunday pickup game. It will bounce to the right (since I’m pretty sure you’re right handed).

        • That’s a screwball. If it was a curveball, the way Manu throws the ball, it will cut to the right, not cut right back to the left.

          • Nope. The spin was counter-clockwise causing it to bounce off the floor to the left. I’ve thrown enough curve balls and stupid bounce passes to know.

            We’re also assuming (because it’s Ginobili) that the spin was intentional and not just a natural result of firing a one-handed cross court bounce pass. Who knows.

      • I just meant to say you rotate your arm inward towards your body to throw a screwball but words are hard – thats why I’m not the pro!

  7. Haha, I ve been saying it in the beginning Spurs in 5.

  8. So I guess we got the answer to who won in rest vs rust

  9. I have been looking everywhere for the audio that I believe Matty O did on Chris Bosh talking to himself while on the court. Please, please provide a link. One of the funniest things I’ve heard on the show if you ask me.

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