I haven’t run the numbers yet, but this might be the entirety of New Hampshire wishing Matt Bonner good luck/eating sandwiches/wearing red snake shirts. Live free and appear in a video or die.

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  1. “New Hampshire?!?!?” – Bob Wiley

  2. Guy from New Hampshire here. Hey you guys! There are at least 20 more people in NH than in that video.

  3. Need an all Mamba Team. Red, Black, White (Scalabrine) … According to my NBALIVE2006 for Gamecube, Bonner’s nick name is the “Red Rocket” … maybe they should go to the Rockets. Can this be a real team please already?

  4. Where’d they get those shirts from, One Size Fits None?

  5. Hey, other than Bonner saying make me a sandwich in a tbj video, what is the connection between Bonner and sandwiches?

  6. Red Rocket> Red mamba

  7. Spurs lose tonight…. still Spurs in 5 games… lets do this in Texas.

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