On Monday’s episode of “The Fix,” The Jones recap Game 2 of the NBA Finals. Topics discussed include: Mario Chalmers’ big game, LeBron’s block, Manu’s slippery hands, the Heat’s defensive adjustment on Tony Parker, and turnovers.

All that, plus Jason Kidd’s interest in the Nets’ head coaching vacancy, the inaugural Twyman/Stokes Teammate Award, paintball, KevCops, and chalupas.


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Comments (6)

  1. Post finals schedule released?

  2. Can someone define “Pocket Pass” for me…I’ve been hearing it alot and swear it didn’t used to be a thing

  3. Ginobili better start heating up or San Antonio has no chance. This game is obviously going back to Miami for game 6, so good news for TBJ

  4. Matt, it’s funny you should mention DuncanDonuts today.

  5. Damn straight Horry is the GOAT.

    Skeets its pronounced Orr-ee, not hoarie

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