Here’s LeBron’s block in it’s standard highlight format.

Here it is as shot on a fancy Phantom camera.

Here it is as part of an amazing sequence of LeBron James plays.

Here it is from every angle.

Here it is as a joke commercial from the internet.

Here it is as an oral history, basically.

Here it is as a GIF.

Here it is as a different GIF.

Here it is as a Vine joke.


Here it is at the point of impact.


Here it is when Tiago Splitter knew things were going to end up poorly.


Here’s another angle when Tiago Splitter knew things were going to end up poorly.


Here it is when it really seemed like Splitter was going to throw down a huge dunk


Here it is when Tiago Splitter is like, “Darn it.”


Here it is when you can tell Splitter can’t palm the ball, which definitely came in to play later.


Here it is when you’re kind of worried for LeBron’s fingers.


Here it is where you can see how amazingly clean of a block this was.


Here is the reason an above-the-rim camera was invented.


Here it is from down below.


Here it is all arty style.


Here it is if you combined the two previous photographs.


Here is when Tiago Splitter had his head replaced with a basketball.


One more of when Tiago Splitter looked like he was on the way towards a gigantic dunk.


And finally, here’s the aftermath.

So which is your favorite LeBron block medium? I asked Splitter this question and he said, “Aucun.” Surely you have a different opinion.

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  1. Where are all the hipsters at saying it wasn’t a great block?

  2. A person would have to be delusional to not recognize how great that was, you had the veteran guys doing the broadcast and post game saying it was the best block they’ve ever seen.

  3. This block is good too.

  4. Wow, you can really see all five of LeBron’s fingers, plus his thumb.

  5. Splitter try to posterize the king u best not miss! BLAMM

  6. Hi Trey!
    Did you hear right? Didn’t he say “nenhuma”?

  7. Okay, i’ll say it. Can someone educate me on the greatness of this block?

    Tiago Splitter isn’t Blake Griffin. Lebron is athletically superior to Splitter. Lebron just had to go straight up. I would’ve been surprised if Lebron didn’t block it.

    In fact, i thought Lebron had a way better block on Duncan earlier in the game. He had to move laterally, track the ball as Duncan tried to scoop around him, and Lebron sent it back on a much taller and gifted big.

    When it comes down to this one, Lebron was roaming baseline during the whole play. He took one step forward and went straight up. It was emphatic, sure, but no better than his earlier block or Hibbert’s own dunk denial on Melo earlier in the playoffs.

  8. great block, but people act like it’s the first block in NBA history!

  9. I dunno guys, I kinda like it this way (sorry for the link-to-other-sports-blog, but it’s not on YouTube).

  10. This one by Laphonso Ellis is waaaaay!! better (GOLD):

    This one good too, though I´m really not cool with his fotosession right after…

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