Ballin: Mario Chalmers was Game 2′s leading scorer, as he poured in 19 points on 6-12 shooting. And since there were no really Drop Dead Fred lines on the evening, and because you’d never expect Mario Chalmers to lead an NBA Finals game in scoring when there are seven Hall of Famers playing, let’s shout him out. Shoutout.

Not so much: Tony Parker’s 5-15 line, including five assists and five turnovers, was pretty wack. But Manu Ginobili’s five points on 2-6 shooting, plus three turnovers and another seeming 15 plays where he just could not hold on to the ball, made him even worse. I mean, both of these guys combined were outplayed by Mario Chalmers, so yikes.

Elevators: Me and you, LeBron and Tiago too. Rollin’ down the lane to dunk. Gettin’ up fast to block.

Can Tiago Splitter not palm the ball? He’s listed at 6-foot-11 but in the replays you can see him pulling the ol’ Steve Francis hand-on-top-of-the-ball move. Either way, not sure that dunk was getting through even if he could hold on to the ball. Incredible block. RIP Tiago Splitter.

Rollin: In addition to Mario Chalmers’ 19, fellow Heat role players Ray Allen (13 points, three threes) and Mike Miller (nine points, three threes) also showed up for Game 2. Even Shane Battier hit a three in garbage time (Shane Battier only plays garbage time now), which is the first time that’s happened since Game 4 against the Pacers.

Rolaids: Another role player who was good was Danny Green. At least in the first quarter.

Danno scored the Spurs’ first nine points, all on threes, then ended the night shooting a perfect 6-6, which included a sterling 5-5 mark from downtown. The other shot he made was his first attempt of the Finals to come from inside the three-point arc.

Fumble fingers: Spurs turnovers in Game 1: 4. Spurs turnovers in Game 2: 17.

Angry: Dwyane Wade has a future as a cult leader.

Pretty cool, but I still liked it better in high school when our team would shout the lyrics to DMX’s “Ruff Ryder Anthem” before taking the court. We were super tough.

T-watch: Tracy McGrady got his first minutes of NBA Finals action in his career, and in 7:43 of court time he posted two rebounds, two assists, a block and a missed shot.

Other things: Another good LeBron block that might have been overshadowed by that other one … Last thing about that block on Splitter — it was immediately followed by an assist for a three-pointer and a monster dunk … Jason Kidd, who retired from the NBA last week, is pursuing the Nets’ head coaching job … Monta Ellis turned down the Bucks’ contract extension … Kenny Smith is talking with the Kings about a front office job