From the people who brought you Allen Iverson standing next to Yao Ming comes the blockbuster sequel, Kevin Hart standing next to Dwight Howard. Personally, I love this franchise and would love to see it continue forever, a la the Fast and Furious adventures. I mean, there are so many possibilities. Christina Aguilera next to Roy Hibbert, Danny DeVito hanging out with Hasheem Thabeet, Tom Cruise next to anyone in the NBA — the list goes on and on.

(via Questlove)

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  1. This may be the missing link. (Scroll down for the Bol/Bogues classic photo)

  2. A classic picture, no doubt. But not the same as full shot of one guy/chest down of another. That’s the key to this series.

  3. Matt next to Trey

  4. To be fair, nobody knows where Dwight’s head is at.

  5. kevin looks a LITTLE p’d off standing next to clark kent

  6. what about shaq and hoopz

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