All things considered, pretty good year for Roy Hibbert newspaper-wise.

(via EOB)

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  1. Roy could have his arms around 4 girls at once

  2. classy move, like it!

  3. I always appreciate when a player takes out an newspaper add with their own money to thank the fans, I think it’s a classy move. But really, who reads newspapers anymore? Maybe thank the fans on a local TV commercial instead?

  4. I remember Zydrunas Ilgauskas thanked the fans with something like this too before heading to Miami to chase a ring. It was really weird because people respected that move and wanted him to win a championship they felt he deserved, but only if LeBron still lost somehow.

  5. Never liked the Pacers but starting to come around thanks to Hibbert and George. A definite classy move on Hibbert’s part.

  6. Thank you, Fans (No promo)

  7. no sh*t Roy , what’s with the pose ?

  8. still no thanks for 720

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