On Wednesday’s episode of “The Fix,” The Jones recap Game 3 of the NBA Finals. Topics discussed include: Danny Green and Gary Neal’s 13 (!) three-pointers, LeBron’s shot selection and passiveness, Tony Parker’s status, Spurs’ ball movement, whether Wade thinks he’s still playing the Pacers, and whether Kawhi Leonard is the early frontrunner for Finals MVP.

All that, plus mouthguards, floppy wrists, Sebastien De La Cruz, chants, and more.


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  1. *13 (!) three-pointers.

  2. Neal and Green hit 13 combined 3s, not 11.

  3. Any ideas on a draft recap overdose?

  4. The “The Incident of ’09′” Jones this summer, please.

  5. Haha, great pull on the ‘Baby Got Back’ by Trey there. Made me laugh out loud really hard. Nothing new for this show though. Keep up the great work. You guys single-handedly got me to pay attention to pro hoops again.

  6. Not sure if anyone else has said this, but I kinda wish Skeets would go with a “Ten, zero, three”, rather than a “One, zero, zero, three.” I want to “cool story” myself for typing this.

  7. No plaid shirts today? New era of TBJ

  8. In addition to the double dribble, Wade also got called for passing to himself last night. I think my 4th grade coach could give him some pointers. I learned a lot about double dribbling and passing to myself from that guy.

    • Don’t forget in the first quarter, Wade went up with 2 hands to dunk but right before getting to the rim he brought his left hand up, grabbed the rim with it, and dunked the ball with the right. No way the refs could see that, but isn’t that illegal?

  9. Who is the 7th Hall of Famer in this series Trey?

  10. Brother, mean show as always. Hey I guess this is an old debate and topic but after watching some of these games to me (my opinion only) what sets Lebron apart at the moment from being in the league of Jordan, is his competitiveness’ and being cutthroat. No one denies his all round game and freak abilities and yes he is the greatest in the world of basketball right now. But Jordan would never have games like this consistently. It seems his saving grace is the numbers he can put up but again it is all about the results and you can pass, work hard on D, and rebound all day but if you can’t stare the defence in the face and just go at it that is a worry. I also think Kobe has this ability but Lebron I’m not convinced. Hope you get to read this.

    Love the show Guys.

    Need a kiwi on there soon to balance out the Aussie. It is only fair.

    • Totally agree – Kobe has less atheltic ability and skills than LeBron but will more than likely win more rings than him purely on his competitive drive and will alone (maybe with some help from Shaq, Pau etc as well – Wade and Bosh aint doing shit at the moment to help LeBron).

      I can’t imagine seeing Kobe, Jordan or even a player like KG drift through games like LeBron has in this series.

      If you’re honest about it, he did the same thing in the Boston series to a certain extent last year until he went full on ape shit in game six.

      He has the ability to nearly win this thing himself (provided Allen, Miller, Chalmers can pipe in with a few threes) but he doesn’t seem desperate enough for mine.

      It’s interesting to watch, Very keen on seeing where he goes game four?

      For a team that was supposed to be without peer the last two-three years, they’ve had some unexpected dramas come play off time (Pacers, Celtics last year – Pacers, Spurs this year).

      Give Kawhai Leonard some credit though, the kid’s a freaking beast.

      PS – No kiwis.

  11. I agree MattyO. Enough with the Joseph D-Leauge talk, I have heard announcers say that like 5 zillion times.

  12. I can relate to Cory Joseph. My junior year of high school I wasn’t getting much run with the varsity team so I asked him to send me down to the JV team.

    It really benefited me as I sucked less my senior year. Pretty much the exact same thing as NBA vs. D-League.

    It is a bit annoying though, whenever broadcasters talk about me in my everyday life, one always says, “Did you know Keith Ehlis is the only guy to ask his head coach to send him down to the JV team because he wasn’t getting enough playing time with the varsity team?”

    Then the other broadcaster says, “Who the hell is Keith Ehlis?”

  13. Spurs in 5 games like I said whoooo

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