Stephen Curry is 25 years old, looks like he’s 15 and has the dad sense of humor of a 42-year-old. Befuddling.

(via Complex)

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  1. How many finals has he made? Kinda lame to do when you lost to the Spurs

  2. I wonder if accountants have miniature acountant things in their homes for their kids to play with…

  3. Also, if you pause it at the start, you will see that Stephen actually puts the ball into the hoop, which means Riley, who is hanging on the rim, will be penalised for basket interference. This means that LeBron scored 4 more points than Riley and also Steph. Not so bad after all…

    I hate to put a dampener on an otherwise glorious Vine.


  4. PPL say Curry looks 15, Curry immediately grows a beard

  5. I can’t understand him…

  6. LOL! It’s funny that he’s at home jerking it to the finals.

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