Ballin: At first I was like, “This is the Gary Neal game,” because he went 6-10 from three and scored 24 points. But then Danny Green scored 27 on 9-15 shooting, including 7-9 from three, and now I don’t know what to do. Help.

Not so much: Take out the seven straight points on three made shots that LeBron James had at the end of the fourth quarter and you’re left with eight points on 4-18 shooting. Bill Simmons would make an “Almost Finals MVP worthy joke,” but that’s probably still going to end up happening so let’s move on.

Bangarang: Do you like threes? So do the Spurs. Here are all 16, an NBA Finals record by the way, that they hit last night.

16-32 on the night for the Spurs, which would have been even better if their scrubs hadn’t gone 0-2 from deep in their garbage time minutes.

T-Watch: Tracy McGrady played another six-and-a-half minutes of NBA Finals basketball last night, but failed to score, becoming the only San Antonio Spur who played to not put up at least a single point. This might sound crazy, but I think T-Mac is washed up.

Game-changer: Those 16 threes were wild, but these specific two are the ones that really turned things around for the Spurs.

Don’t believe me, just ask John Schuhmann. He’d never lie to you.

Monkey man: Mike Miller still has it, you guys. And by “it” I mean both his horse mouth and his outside shooting stroke, as he knocked down all five of his three-point attempts and then let his jaw dangle after every splash. He’s now 9-10 from far in the Finals.

Fairness: Not everything was a disaster for the Miami Heat, just most things. Here’s one thing that wasn’t.

Of course, with just 6.4 seconds remaining in the quarter after LeBron’s layup, the Spurs took the ball the other way and found Tiago Splitter wide-open in the lane for a dunk which was not blocked. So it goes when you’re playing the Spurs.

Size wise: The Heat’s Big Three went 18-46 from the field and scored 43 points. The Spurs’ Big Three went 10-23 and scored 25 points. Blow both of these teams up.

Other things: Tim Duncan was very nice to role players last night, both giving Gary Neal a jolly head rub and Danny Green the right of way during a standing ovation … Here is Chris Bosh being turned in to a statue because he looked back at Sodom and Gomorrah while a basketball play is happening all around him … Sad Erik Spoelstra is going to become a meme, and Dead-Eyed Erik Spoelstra might too … Tiago Splitter waving GIF up top via CJ Fogler