The White Stripes haven’t got this much play since that LEGO video. Miss you, Jack and Meg.

(via SB Nation)

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  1. Grade-A trolling, San Antonio.

  2. #respect, Spurs fans. Pretty sure that wasn’t piped in.

  3. Love this. So much.
    The song seems to come in on the PA after the fans have already started it, right? It’s so much better if they did it unprompted.

  4. I love the Seven Army Nation song!

  5. When does tbj move studios?

  6. I was there. I trolled. “Best song ever,” said no one ever. We were yelling it up top almost all night, but it didn’t catch on til the end of the game. And what an appropriate time!
    Go Spurs Go! Built not Bought!

  7. That was awesome. I hate the Heat’s opening. They want to be the Bulls SO BAD. Sorry guys, you’re a bunch of imitators, imposters, and wannabes. Ain’t happenin.

  8. I almost sh*t myself when I saw this on tv.

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