Seriously, it has happened enough times that we can actually make a list of them. So here’s the list.

  • July 5, 2012 — Dallas Mavericks offer Jason Kidd three years and $9 million to play basketball for them. Kidd almost takes it, then pulls a switcheroo.
  • Also July 5, 2012 — New York Knicks offer Jason Kidd three years and $9 million to play basketball for them. Kidd says, “Sure.”
  • June 12, 2013 — Brooklyn Nets offer Jason Kidd three years, a team option on a fourth year and an undisclosed amount of money to be the head coach of their basketball team. This comes only nine days after his retirement from playing, and just four days after anyone knew he was even a head coaching candidate.

So basically, Jason Kidd is a three-year contract magnet. By May of next year, I fully expect some team to offer him a three-year contract to run their team as general manager. Which would mean April of 2015 is when he would get a three-year contract to join Adam Silver as the league’s deputy commissioner, and then March 2016 Kidd would get yet another three-year contract to be the commissioner of the entire league. Pretty sweet career path, but once he gets that top job, I’m not sure who else can get offer him a three-year contract. I’m sure he’ll figure out something.

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  1. Is it true that he can sign a 10-day contract and coach at the same time?

  2. heard about his 3-year contract to be the editor of the blog. sorry, trey.

  3. Three year contract to be president, what you guys call prime minister, of Canada. Then three years as POTUS and then CEO of the secret industrial complex that controls the earth. Followed by a three year contract with a team option to be the god of large headed children, which should be a nice start in his rise up the corporate-god ladder.

  4. This one is gold!

  5. 3 years as POTUS? Is he getting impeached?

  6. Or he is a three year contract magnate, meaning he controls production of all 3 year contracts going forward

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