We all knew Tim Duncan had a Punisher knee brace, but apparently his airbrush obsession goes even further than that. I wonder if he bought matching t-shirts from the state fair.

(via Reddit)

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  1. Nothing epitimized Timmy D more than a smoldering skull. #respect

  2. Good lord, those look like energy drink cans.

  3. Left= amazinga best 1

  4. The middle one is US Virgin Islands crest with the bird… flaming. The top of that brace also says U.S.V.I. We all know the Punisher one.The red motif on top of the first brace is the symbol of his BlackJack Sped Shop. I guess the graphic on that brace is some kind of engine or something. He loves cars.

  5. i want one of these. I mean I actually would need such a knee brace.

  6. Hands down the most polarizing thing about Tim

  7. thanks for this nice one ,,

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