This one’s for you, Tony Parker.

P.S. Is Andre Drummond the NBA’s best Viner? And is that something we need to be aware of? Discuss.

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  1. He is for sure one of the better players on Vine.

  2. Chris Brown just got Chris Brown’d!!

  3. The joy I got from watching a b-hole like Chris Brown getting dunked on like that was quickly erased when I realized that he got to hang out with an NBA player.

  4. Hopefully this will Brandon Knight Chris Brown, and his still-existing career will fade into oblivion.

    (something about not getting as many touches/lack of ballhandling duties)

  5. Are we sure this isn’t Shannon Brown? Always thought they looked alike.

  6. See, it’s funny, because Chris Brown is a piece of shit.

  7. Looks like he just got kicked out of a car.

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