On Friday’s episode of “The Fix” x “The Overdose,” The Basketball Jones recap Game 4 of the NBA Finals, before discussing the latest coaching carousel news (Jason Kidd, Doc Rivers, Lionel Hollins, etc.), the NBA’s new on-court advertising, and ideas for NBATV’s next documentary.

All that, plus grounders, Roxy, mean tweets, the Social Media Awards, and the Stanley Cup.


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  1. Re: Splitter’s over and back

    When a player doesn’t have the ball he is considered in the front court once both feet are in the front court.

    Once the player is in the front court he must have both feet in the back court to be considered in the back court.

    A player’s position in the air is dictated by where they were when they jumped.

    Since splitter was already in the front court before he jumped its an over and back once he passed the ball to a teammate in the back court.

    When the player has control of the ball he is considered in the front court once any two of three things is in the front court: his right foot, his left foot, the ball.

  2. Are the back this year?
    What about free agency/draft stuff coming up in episode form?

  3. No coachs challenge
    Finals are exciting wtf u see the best and worst of the 2 best teams in ball

  4. Pissy Tas going at Asshole Matt. Love it.

    • … though, wasn’t Matt paying him a compliment for the cigar reference, albeit back-handed? I’m with him – a shame we had to wait.

    • i loved it too, pretty strong response from Tas, and will interesting going forward for the show if interruptions are frowned upon, even if it is just interruptions when Tas is speaking…….. feel bad for our beloved french canadian troubadour hobbit with a reasonable kitchen and couch

  5. I’d like to see an NBATV doc about Connie Hawkins.

  6. A Charles Barkley Do would be great

  7. The teammate of the year award should be based on who spends the most money on their teammates. If you spend the most cash on your teammates, you win the award. Simple as that.

  8. You’ll always be still all fat to me Trey. Besame mucho.

  9. hey fellow listeners – I cannot find video of Dwayne’s lay up when he flew by three outstretched hands (“up&under move” as the commentators described it). especially the shoot from behind the backboard was impressive. anybody know what i’m talking about?

  10. I just want the Heat out of my life.

  11. Too many Patricks. Hilarious.

    Also I’m scared from the Doc news. It looks like he doesnt want to rebuild and the Clips are in win now mode. Interesting to see what happens.

  12. If Trey and I were to watch sports together, it would basically be this (pre-Community Dan Harmon): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YV4nMqqxcKc

    Not for the casual fan.

  13. …since the season is ending soon I’m going to give out awards to TBJ segments, cool-story-bro style. everybody who’s reading this (=mostly nobody) feel free to chime in.

    Most Valuable Segment: Tweet of the Weak. Duh. Even though it’s not my favorite, it’s become kind of huge, Army-wise, so this is a no-brainer. relentless and very much 2.0, TotW has no peers when it comes to levels of global interaction and the impact it has on twitter. And although the actual tweet is almost irrelevant, whenever JD’s kids participate, this becomes world class entertainment.

    Most Outstanding Segment: Player Interviews, esp. during All Star Weekend. This Award could also go to any special video feature (s/o to christmas carols), but the (All Star) interviews are usually the single most awesome NBA related entertainment thing there is in sports world, period. This is true even in a relatively unspectacular year such as 2013 (sorry but cats&dogs just couldn’t live up to its hype – the TBJ-debates were more fun than the actual interviews, aside from maybe Brook Lopez).

    Grant Hill Memorial Award: This one goes out to all those segments that show flashes of brilliance but just can’t manage to be a regular part of the show due to unfortunate circumstances and/or structural reasons. In other words, hope to see you soon, book-off/pay-offs. Miss u.

    Least Valuable Segment: Scoops. Even though the actual content is usually pretty interesting and/or sparks great debates most of the time, this segment is mis-named, its introduction has become lackluster of late and the ice-cream-truck-in-hell production bit is kind of annoying. This one screams overhaul.

    The Peggy Olsen Award: The Blank Jones. A former understudy, it has turned into a powerful, funny, smart (and also kind of sexy) segment easily on par with its actual mentor (also, I’d say MattyO is Bearded Stan so that’s awesome since both have a Peggy/Blank Jones connection and shine when given more air time).

    All in all, another outstanding season by the Jones! Only reason for concern: The bench mob (blog) needed Andrew Unterberger to perform at (regular-season-)JR Smith-like levels to maintain a high output after Scott Carefoot’s departure. Trey can’t do everything, DV is a specialist and the other contributors were mostly in guest-mode, so maybe that’s the area most in need of some upgrade. That aside, I’m looking forward to the Blanks and next season!

  14. Stop the shout outs.

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