Ballin: The Heat’s Big Three combined to score 85 points in their Game 4 win. The Spurs’ Big Everyone That Played scored 93. That’ll do it.

Not so much: Which is worse — that Manu Ginobili took just five shots last night or that he only made one of them? Here’s a hint: the answer is both. Just two assists and two rebounds for Manu, who had as many points (5) as fouls (4) and turnovers (1) combined. Get going, bro.

Like street meat: This is probably the best one-game block highlight package you’ll ever see.

Seven blocks on the night for the Heat, which is why that thing seems like it’s never going to end. I mean, Mike Miller shows up to block a shot — he has, literally, 12 blocks total in the past three seasons — and it actually looks pretty cool. That’s how insane the blocked shots were for the Heat last night.

Splits: Tony Parker’s first half stat line: 15 points, 7-12 shooting, six assists. Tony Parker’s second half stat line: zero points, 0-4 shooting, three assists. Think that hamstring tightened up at halftime?

2006: It was nice to have the old Dwyane Wade back last night.

32 points — just one fewer than LeBron James, thanks to a late three, haha — 14-25 shooting, six rebounds, four assists, six steals, one block and no turnovers for Wade, who seemed to make at least one of every kind of highlight play in this victory. He was everywhere — stealing, blocking, doing that over-the-head move he loves, grabbing offensive rebounds, running fast. It was neat.

T-Watch: No Tracy McGrady last night. He was the only Spur who didn’t see the court last night. He is obviously still scoreless for the Finals.

Looper: This Tony Parker shot came in the first half, so you know it’s good.

Off the wrong foot with his wrong hand for that side of the basket — it’s like Tony Parker was trying to teach everyone who could never figure out standard layup procedure that it’s OK to be unorthodox sometimes.

Regression: After San Antonio’s record setting three-point shooting in the previous game, both teams combined to make (12 total) and attempt (28) fewer threes than San Antonio alone (16-32) in Game 3.

Other things: Chris Bosh wants another round of drinksDwyane Wade and Skeets’ girlfriend were dressed the same last night, and that’s not actually a joke … Don’t worry Tim, Gregg’s not mad … Probably the Spursiest pizza in existence … Nut kick GIF up top via Ride the Pine