Seriously, what is wrong with that super gross elbow? It’s like his elbow needed nutrients so a doctor injected a bolus of fluids in to it like a vet would to a dog’s belly after they’ve drank a bit too much pond water and get dehydrated. You know exactly what I’m talking about.

To put it more clearly, Roy Hibbert’s elbow looks like a knee.

(via Reddit, from this video)

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  1. Its his elbow from his left arm. Come on, that was too easy.

  2. It’s simple … the elbow is pregnant

  3. I think the elbow from his right arm is held beck and you are seeing the tip of it behind his left elbow.

  4. Looks like he might have elbow bursitis.

  5. It’s definitely bursitis… I’ve had it before it’s not a lot of fun

    • yeah looks just like bursitis, first thing that came to mind. just google it people, but be prepared to be grossed out

  6. Who cares? What’s up with that dudes’s shirt?

  7. Cauliflower elbow?

  8. It’s casting a shadow – so it’s definitely not ‘left elbow.’

  9. Test Test Test Andre Test ss

  10. That’s not the other elbow.. Here’s the video, you can see how big his elbow is around the end too:

  11. Its called “Swelbow”. Old skateboarders tend to suffer from this affliction.

  12. The first commenter who claimed “easy, it’s his left elbow” is either a supreme troll or supreme moron. Can’t compute

  13. For anyone who has an education or who cares to know, that is classic olecranon bursitis.

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