On Monday’s episode of “The Fix,” The Basketball Jones recap Game 5 of the NBA Finals. Topics discussed include: Manu’s breakout performance, Tony Parker killin’ Cole and Chalmers, Danny Green’s unprecedented three-point shooting, Diaw on LeBron, whether Spoelstra should go back to The Birdman, and transition D.

All that, plus Jay-Z’s commercial, Tim Duncan’s masked kids, and women razor blades.


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  1. So, will we get a Blank Jones this Friday?

    • NO! Hasn’t Zaza Pachulia taught you anything yet? We going to game seven baby! Gaaaaame seeeevvveeeeennn!!!

  2. When will the draft recap episode happen

  3. heartily lol’d at the action bronson reference off the top. well done.


  5. Kanye has been working on Yeezus. I only know this because my friend has been yelling, “YEEZUS!!” And then however many days until it drops. By the way, its tomorrow.

  6. Trey, I’m with you man. When we shower together, my girlfriend shaves the back of my neck with her venus too. #teamvenus #bonerup

  7. Realizing we only had (at most) two games left, I was curious to see the layoff time between the seasons. Not as big as I thought. Starting Friday, there is about 130 days until the start of next season. Cut a month off that if you count preseason. Cut a couple weeks off if you count when camp for most teams will open. Just not as long of a wait as it seems!

    Also I’m surprised you guys didn’t at least touch on some of the “rare” occurrences(spelling??) that impacted the final result of game 5.

    1. Manu’s Incredible line (the second best of NBA career as far as points AND assists go)
    2. Danny Green (becoming increasingly less rare though) continues to shoot lights out
    3. A couple off the ball (and off the wall) calls that took 5 points (and momentum) from the Heat in the 4th. (a. Miller’s out-of-bounds screen, b. Lebron’s moving screen)
    4. Lebron and Wade missed a combined 6 easy (uncontested) layups they normally make…also anybody with hands normally makes

    I know “what ifs” don’t carry much weight moving forward, but the chances of Manu repeating one of his greatest games, in the same week, don’t seem good. The chances of Wade and Lebron missing layups don’t seem reliable.

    I think if the Heat were to lock up Danny Green (no more freebies) those points would probably come from elsewhere, so that’s a non factor.

    Because I have nothing to lose and no reason not to:

    My Prediction

    The Heat start Ray Allen and he hits the first shot of the game. This helps the Heat find a rhythm and they start to pull away in the third quarter. With 8 minutes left in the fourth, the broadcasters are already talking about the looming game 7, as if it’s a lock. Game 7 comes and four quarters go by without the NBA Champion being crowned. We have overtime. Finally, at the last possible chance since game 1, we have a neck and neck game. You know the rest…

    • Pretty sure we commented on points 1, 2 and 4.

      • Haha yeah I don’t know why I said it that way. I didn’t mean the points themselves, I meant the idea of how “rare” they actually are. Mostly the Manu thing.

        I heard a radio guy (absolutely can’t recall who since I bounce around a few different stations in the morning) say that Manu’s stat line was the second best EVER for him. Which I didn’t believe and when I did some research I couldn’t find anything that said whether he was right or wrong. Just because 24-10 doesn’t seem like “top notch” for a guy headed to the hall.

  8. This shit is hype=

    Anderson is shooting like 99% he should be playing more

  9. The Jones office is giving off a Lord of the Flies feel as the season closes. Could it be that MattyO’s been bitten by the WHOSE TEAM IS IT syndrome?

    Venus razor story veering towards Tas anatomical oversharing territory–but in the best way possible.

  10. We will not go to game 7 baby!! Go Spurs

  11. Hey guys,
    big fan here, thanks for providing me with a great pastime while commuting from work.

    I can’t believe you missed the second most important point (next to Manu being Manu again) of Game 5; I mean, Pop was talking about it the entire time. Pace, pace, pace! The biggest adjustment was the Spurs initiating offence in the first 10 seconds of every possession, and trying to run at every opportunity. Furthermore, you missed the point about the Heat’s defence: it was excellent as always, save from the D-Wade brainfarts you correctly pointed out. They just couldn’t get to their spots soon enough. In Game 4, they dismantled the Spurs’ pick n’roll, got tons of steals and blocks (poor Tiago…). Pop reacted like the Hall-of-Fame coach he is: by speeding everything up, mainly through Manu’s ingenious playmaking, less pick n’rolls and more cuts. The Heat still got their steals, but here’s the thing: 19 TOs and 114 points! Pace, pace, pace. If Spo reacts correctly, expect less trapping in the paint and a suffocating perimeter defence in Game 6. They can’t gamble for steals on the pick n’roll anymore, have to pressure Manu and Tony outside, so that they can’t initiate early.

  12. Big ups to Skeets for the Action Bronson drop at the beginning.

  13. Where was the “cool story bro” on the goatee/chili story lol

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