Ballin: Danny Green made another six three-pointers on his way to 24 points in the Spurs’ big Game 5 win. He’s now made 25 in the series, passing Ray Allen’s record of 22 over the course of six games back in 2008, which is the second-craziest thing you’ll read in this paragraph. The first is that Danny Green would be Finals MVP if the Spurs were to win the title.

Not so much: Chario Malmers and Corris Nole went a combined 2-11 from the field for a whopping seven points between them. They also took turns getting worked by Tony Parker, to the tune of a game-high 26 points, just to make sure they were an equally big disaster on both sides of the court.

Gotta catch ‘em all: Hey shooting fans, here is every one of Danny Green’s record 25 threes.

I don’t know if you were keeping track in your head, but you might have noticed that Green tied Ray Allen’s record while shooting over Ray Allen. Pretty cool tribute.

Welcome back: If you’ve been missing old school world wrecker Manu Ginobili, then you were probably pretty happy to see him show up last night. 24 points on 8-14 shooting, 10 assists, a steal and three turnovers for Manu, who seemed to make half of his shots on attempts that started with him facing away from the basket. It was really quite neat to watch.

More proof: Just so you know I am not lying, enjoy some Manu Ginobili highlights.

And also some sloooooooooooowwwww moooooooootioooooooon Manu Ginobili highlights.

See, wasn’t that fun?

T-Watch: No Tracy McGrady, no points, no fun.

Dusty Baker: As I’m sure you were expecting, Tim Duncan’s kids played a huge role in off the court silliness during yesterday’s game. It was Father’s Day, after all.

Get a handle on that tiny bankrobber, Duncan. You don’t want Danny Green to roll his ankle while he’s on such a killer shooting streak. Be a team player for once, geez.

Addendum: Just because it’s weird to get this far and not talk about the Heat’s Big Three, enjoy their lines. LeBron James: 25 points, 8-22 shooting, eight assists, six rebounds, three turnovers, four steals. Dwyane Wade: 25 points, 10-22 shooting, 10 assists, four rebounds, four turnovers, one steal, two blocks. Chris Bosh: 16 points, 7-11 shooting, six rebounds (five offensive), and one each of turnovers, assists, steals and blocks. Now you know.

Other things: Tim Duncan’s head-touching game was strong again last night … Timmy Deucecan also threw down a pretty big dunk, especially for him … Chris Bosh spitting all over himself, as per usual … If you were wondering just how bad Tony Parker was destroying Norris Cole, watch these two clips. The second one makes Norris look woozy … Ray Allen has indigestion