No big deal, right? Just a low-top version of the LeBron X that some people are calling the “Floral” edition. Seems like a chill off-court shoe to wear with some short pants.

But check out the sockliners.lebron-x-low-2-time-champ


The fix is in. Or Nike might have a massive recall on their hands. Or these are a one-of-one and it won’t be that awkward if LeBron James is the only person who has a pair of his own signature shoes that taunt his failures in the NBA Finals. Or these will sell like hotcakes after the Heat win a second championship. Choose your own ending.

(via Kix and the City)

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  1. The conspiracy theories have started. If the Heat win the series, its going to be non stop talking from Lebron haters about how the NBA is rigged. Im surprise that there isnt a tumblr page dedicated to NBA conspiracies.

  2. For all you kids who are too young to remember how athletes are really supposed to go about their business, THIS IS WHY LEBRON JAMES WILL NEVER COME EVEN CLOSE TO EQUALLING JORDAN.

    As if we needed yet another example of why Lebron is a complete ass. Along with his teammates, their unsportsmanlike – and totally pretentious – “Decision” party, their predictions of winning 7 CHAMPIONSHIPS, etc, etc, etc.

    Know how many rings this guy will end up with? ONE. Just like he has right now. Mark it down all of you who guzzle Lebron’s bullshit, he has already seen his only day in the winner’s circle. Coach Pops and TD will see to that for now.

    • You can direct the MJ talk under a

    • You do know lebron doesnt design his own shoes. Its the people in Nike, he literally has no say on how his products come out

      • You, sir, are a shining example of the utter ignorance that runs rampant in the “Heat fancamp” AKA LeBron’s juice guzzlers.

        LeBron doesn’t design his shoes, that’s a given, seeing as he probably can’t even spell his own name. BUT he does need to approve any design that bears his name or image, otherwise Nike would have a huge lawsuit on their hands (and given that they’ve been in business for decades, they probably know the legal ropes by now). He can also jump in and add/remove aspects of the design as he wishes. The fact that that this shoe is dripping douchey-ness with the “2nd championship” prediction, makes me believe it was LeBron’s own personal touch.

        LeBron is a good player, yes. But you LeBron fans have never actually seen greatness in action, because “great” LeBron is not.

      • Agree to disagree? Lebron signed with Nike (over Adidas) originally because they offered him more input into design…

    • Really?
      When has Jordan ever played all position all at once?
      Never Lebron is the only player that can guard, drive and shoot 3 pointers.
      Learn about real talent.

      • Lebron’s ability to guard all positions has nothing to do with talent. He is bigger, stronger, and taller than Jordan, and that allows him to guard PF’s, and C’s. But he is not nearly as talented.

      • Ok when did Lebron win 6 rings? Never oh ok

        • Excuse me…have u ever counted to 6 without starting at one first? Oh ok… Didn’t think so…stop it with that lame argument

      • Boris Diaw guards all five position. BEST PLAYER EVER

      • LeBron is a better individual player than Jordan but Jordan is an overall better leader and winner than LeBron will ever be. He is in his prime now and his body type will not give him the longevity to be anywhere near Jordan.

    • Dude stop comparing Lebron to Jordan. Jordan was the best player in his day, Lebron is the best player in his day. Who else today is a better player all around?

  3. I would be more bothered about the questionable design rather than anything else

  4. Looks like the Heat are a shoe in to win in 7.

  5. if they lose i’d still try to cop a pair. the Rarity would be AMAZING! the real nickname could be called ‘The False ‘Chips’

  6. Maybe I’m missing something here, but these are basically a prototype that has leaked right, not a final version that is available for purchase? Presumably Nike would have almost no trouble changing the sockliners if the Heat don’t win. And furthermore, for those blasting Lebron why would we assume Lebron is in any way involved with the selection of the sockliners on one specific colorway for his shoe?

    • Because like all nba players they have to approve it. He signed with nike over Adidas to have MORE CREATIVE CONTROL. So tha you understand the biz better

  7. The only thing I find weird is that they’re having Joey Crawford officiate. Basically solidfying a game 7

  8. What about another option? The one where they release them anyways, but they do not recall them because of the massive sales generated by the “irony” of them. I’m sure the basketball hipsters of Portland would love to get their hands on these things.

  9. Whether or not they win, or if there is a so-called “fix” involved, is two rings really something to brag about on your shoe? How about work those stats in when you have a few more than that….?? Step 1 Lebron, get there first. You pretentious ass. I’ll welcome the Jordan comparisons for the next 20 years than have to praise someone who only talks about reaching such a status.

  10. 2 time Olympic champion!

    Maybe that’s what it means, anybody? Anybody?

  11. Your guys are idiots. If the heat lose the shoe will not be released. Heat haters are so funny

  12. Wow that’s a huge statement if they come out like that he better follow through!!!

  13. Those are the ugliest pieces of s— I’ve ever seen. I find it harder to believe that anybody would willingly strap those to their feet than that Lebron and/or Nike would have the chutzpah to market a second title that he hasn’t won yet.

    Maybe these are the only pair and they will be like the stamp with the Upside down Airplane but infinitely uglier….

    • It’s an inside joke between Nike and LeBron. “Let’s make the ugliest shoe we can design, and see how many LeBron James nuthuggers still buy them”.

  14. I assume Tim Duncan has a pair of sensible wingtips with “5-time champion” discreetly marked under the tongue.

  15. full foot airbag what is this 1995?

  16. Wow those are the ugliest shoes I have ever seen. Hideous

  17. Did Brad Miller design those, by any chance?

  18. Many companies do this remember the Patriots going for the the undefeated record and Rebok had some promotional material that didn’t come true due to Giants beating them. At least some kids in Africa will get some nice kicks to wear.

  19. Well , if a shoe is telling me that the heat will win the last two games of the finals to win a championship , it must be true , right?

  20. Want to do an nba 2k13 Xbox 360 association? Name: cat association id: 129664. Draft at 3:45 eastern

  21. their fake look at the box lebrons dont come in the orange box

  22. Nothing gets the internet in an uproar more than a picture of a shoe insert. Man, posts get hostile fast.

  23. If LBJ wears these cabana scuffs when the Heat win on Thursday,Nike can sell them for 100′s.If Heat lose Tuesday,you will buy them out of dude’s car trunk in the mall parking lot.
    Just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

  24. Lebron haters jump on anything they can get. Even if this is real, it’s probably a prototype. And I love how everyone is quick to say what an a-hole he is, yet everyone conveniently forgot how Jason terry got a ‘2011 Finals Champs’ TATTOO in 2011 before the finals. So, give me a break. It’s a damn shoe that we don’t even know is real.

  25. Heat 2times champ. Put my order in

  26. looks like lebron/nike knew what he was doing!

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