Everybody in this video is right about everything. The Pistons did draft Darko, they did go to the Finals that next year and Darko definitely did suck. This must have been filmed at a psychic’s convention.

(via Reddit)

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  1. Oh man, this is hilarious.

    Can we get video of Tas singing that Darko song to go along with this?

    “Hey Now, Hey Now…”

  2. Well they were somewhat right. They did go on to win the Championship the year they drafted Darko lol.

  3. As a Pistons fan, I hope that they bring Darko back. He’s the missing piece and the reason for the downward spiral. Need the original Human Victory Cigar back in our lives to return to glory.

  4. Should’ve listened to the guy in the back. Take Carmelo

  5. Haha Poor losers, Darko sucked

  6. it’s a good thing that Darko stunk because otherwise the freedarko guys would have had to change their name to ‘freetskitishvili’ which doesn’t have the same ring at all

  7. Hahaha as a pistons fan, the only good thing about Darko was the championship and the almost repeat. Damn you Big Shot Bob!!!

  8. Don’t they realize that Darko wants to fuck their families?

  9. hey nao hey nao darko darko anneee

    …darko will fuck ur families darko darko aneee

  10. haha i was the one who posted this to reddit, got me a shit load of good karma

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