On Wednesday’s episode of “The Fix,” The Jones recap an instant classic — Game 6 of the NBA Finals. Topics discussed include: Ray Allen’s three, Chris Bosh’s back-and-forth narrative, LeBron sans-headband, Mike Miller sans-shoes, why Pop took Duncan out late, whether Ray fouled Ginobili, Tony Parker’s step-back three, Diaw’s D, poor Kawhi Leonard, and Chalmers’ early contributions.

All that, plus unopened free beer, hairy arms, and a whole lot of Zaza “Game 7″ drops.


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  1. Appreciate attempts to elevate the shirt game during the finals, but the drapes from the Sound of Music were a matter of desperation Trey.

  2. The Spurs are dead, what a damn shame, they had so many possibilities to close this series in game 6 =/

  3. Am I crazy…or is the woman below the first 0 yawning? During the biggest moment in Franchise history…wowza.

  4. Wasnt the play on Manu the same as Green on LeBron? Danny green got clean on the ball then when he took his hand out he dragged lebrons hand which is hard to see but it effected the catch

  5. you’re nuts if you somehow think bosh got ball before hipping green. watch a replay or something. there are pictures of it. you guys use reddit at all? i wouldn’t expect a call at that point of the game in miami, but it definitely was a foul on a jump shooter.


  6. Instant classic we had last night. But shout out to Skeets for the Action Bronson quote at the beginning of episode 1005.

    Hit you with the drop kick, Marty Jannetty.

    Good on ya Skeets!!!

  7. POP, why did u stop coaching with 20 sec to play. Tell your players if the 3 pointer is missed, grab the rebound, if you miss the rebound FOUL whoever has the ball.

    Poor coaching for a coach that has probably been in these situations so many times.


    Game over. Heat destroy the spurs by double digits on Thursday.

  8. I love that everybody is counting out the Spurs because “this was their chance to win the series in Miami”. The Spurs are the better team, and they’ll prove it AGAIN in game 7. Lock it in.

  9. Popobitch fucked it all up. Duncan goes for 23 in the 1H and they lose// /…

  10. i would’ve loved it if bob cole called the fourth quarter and overtime of that game and yelled “EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING” every 30 seconds. brilliant game, best of the year and probably last few years.

    manu didn’t deserve a call on that play. he took his two steps so far away from the rim that I don’t think he intended to put up a reasonable shot at all. he was always looking for a bailout and you can’t reward that.

    oh and leigh, why do you have to bring up ’05? that was so fucking painful, ’07 didn’t actually make it any better.

  11. also, I wonder what the point differential was with diaw guarding lebron vs leonard. Seems like all the big runs happened with diaw on the bench.


  13. Big ups to Big Black sitting courtside!

  14. so any advice for someone that will be working from 3pm to 12am on thursday night and has no DVR on how to watch the game later without knowing what happened

    • ask any aussie that works a normal 9 to 5.
      you got NBA TV? If not buy the game for 7 pounds, it should be worth it.

      otherwise download it at davka bt (google it). Avoid twitter, email, internet, radio & tv.
      Too easy!

  15. that game was clearly rigged

  16. Pop`s postgame podium was his best EVER. He really brought it for this one.

  17. Mike Miller must have slept through the Tas Melas Heel Lock Lacing 101 class.

  18. I saw something that after Ray hit the shot, he immediately yelled to security, “get those motherfucking ropes out of here!” I don’t think he needs any other celebration then that

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