Ballin: There were certainly some great lines last night — for instance, LeBron’s 32-10-11 triple-double and Tim Duncan’s 30-17 throwback performance — but let’s just all admit that the entirety of last night’s fourth quarter and overtime was the best thing of the night.

Not so much: I hate to nitpick during the Game of the Year, but there were some people who really dropped the ball last night. Those people? Anyone who left American Airlines Arena early because they thought there was no way the Heat could close a five-point lead in 28 seconds.

Speaking of: About those last 28 seconds…

There are certain times when trying to analyze a portion of a game is totally pointless because what happens can’t really be explained and just, well, happened. One of those times is when Chris Bosh grabs the biggest rebound of the season and then hits Ray Allen for a game-tying, season-saving three-pointer after Ray has sprinted backwards to the corner and set his feet for maybe a millisecond. Kind of unexplainable.

Not so much, again: Like I said before, I hate to nitpick after a game like this, but it must be mentioned that Manu Ginobili and Kawhi Leonard each missed a free throw in the final 30 seconds of regulation. Kind of a major plot point.

Bonkers: Remember a few sentences ago when we were talking about how some things just aren’t explainable? Well, another one of those times is when Tony Parker does stuff like this.

You know how it’s usually better to play Tony Parker for the drive and to give up jumpers? Nope. And you know how you’re supposed to stay in front of him, stay down on his fakes and cut off his lane to the basket, which will theoretically leave him having to make some impossible move like, I don’t know, reverse pivoting in the lane with a guy on him and hitting a Captain Insano flip shot with a guy right next to his face? Also nope.

Important question: Perhaps the most pressing concern about Game 6 and it’s resultant Game 7 is that LeBron James played some incredible basketball in the fourth quarter of last night’s game, coinciding perfectly with the loss of his treasured headband. After somehow losing the terry cloth — I think the net took it? — LeBron put up 12 points, three rebounds, two assists, one steal, one block and four turnovers. So it begs the question — will he wear a headband in Game 7? My prediction is yes, but I really hope the answer is no.

Like a Bosh: Any time Chris Bosh gets criticized, he should just pull up this clips package up on his phone.

Here are the two weirdest things about Chris Bosh’s highlight festival: 1) For a good chunk of these, he’s the biggest guy on the court and totally playing like it; 2) He doesn’t celebrate like a mad man after any one of these plays. Both of those things are, at times, pretty unfathomable.

Highlight play rundown: Kawhi Leonard slapping Mike Miller in the face and then dunking on him. Tim Duncan throwing up 25 in the first half. LeBron getting another crazy block. Tim Duncan throwing down a moderately ferocious dunk. Mike Miller swishing a three while wearing just one shoe. Danny Green somehow getting another one of those super quick hands blocks on LeBron in overtime. That seems like a pretty complete listing, but there were so many that I might be forgetting something.

Quick controversial call rundown: Should Manu Ginobili’s killer turnover really have been a foul on Ray Allen? Maybe, but it kind of seems like Ray Allen got the ball loose before hitting Manu’s arm. Tough, tough call. Also tough — was Chris Bosh’s game-ending block on Danny Green really a foul on the body? In the second quarter of a game in March, probably. In the final seconds of Game 6 of the NBA Finals, no chance that call gets made.

Other things: LeBron took a nasty shot to the throat last night … Not the most encouraging quote from Manu Ginobili, who had as many fouls and turnovers (12) as points and rebounds … Any time a player tells a ref that something is a flop, it’s funny … Look how high Norris Cole jumped on that Ray Allen three … Future-Emmy-winning foot GIF via CJ Fogler