“The juice is great.” What does that even mean? Probably that Gregg Popovich likes the Spurs’ energy or pace or something like that. But really, what does it mean?

What. Does. It. Mean?



(via Oskar Jamtander)

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  1. I thought he said “the juice is grape”

  2. Those are the code words needed to start up Tiago Splitter.

  3. Clearly talking about D Wade’s magic recovery in game 4.

  4. he like-a the juice, eh?

  5. I think he said “you’re shooting straight.” Hard to say.

  6. No one knows what it means…but its provocative

  7. Obviously the clean-cut Spurs eschew drinking alcohol for juice, and as such have developed Buster Bluth-like addictions to it. Pop being the master strategist that he is, he gives them post-game juice after wins.

    In this clip, the Spurs are suffering from juice withdrawals, as you can see by their constant movement back and forth and the jittery nature of their hands. Pop is just calmly letting them know how good the juice sitting in the locker room is, hoping to inspire them to victory.

  8. “Juice is grape” for sure. Just letting Tim Duncan know.

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