I’ve long contended that the current Suns uniforms are amongst the worst in the NBA. They’ve been wearing them since the 2000-01 season and they look exactly like something from the 2000-01 season. The orange PHX alternates are even worse, and this is coming from a fellow who claims orange as his favorite color. To put it simply, the Suns’ jerseys are boring and outdated, which is why those new-ish logos you see up there look like they might finally be a step in a new-ish direction.

The logos were leaked by an Arizona NBC affiliate, but considering you can buy t-shirts at the NBA store with the new logos on them, I’d say it’s pretty legit. And I’d also say that these new logos are fine.

As long as I’ve been alive, the Suns have had purple as their primary color, so to see them almost completely drop it is a bit of a surprise. And, I’d argue, a bit late-90s. That’s when the Bulls and Timberwolves added black alternates, the Knicks added those horrible black stripes to their blue jerseys and the 76ers completely rebranded from red-white-blue to black-blue-red-gold. To me at least, any time a team starts adding all kinds of black to their colors, you have to think late-90s.

That being said, I think this new set of logos is still an upgrade, just because they don’t look quite as cartoonish as their predecessors. I’d still prefer they ditch the flaming ball thing permanently — and the border of their primary logo — but whatever. That new S, however, is really bad. The sun that’s cutting through it doesn’t line up on either side of the crossing part of the S and it looks like something a kid would draw in Sharpie on their backpack. That is cool if you are a kid, but if you are a professional sports franchise, it’s kind of amateur looking.

But like I said, this is probably a step in the right direction. The Suns have been wearing their current uniforms forever, but between the new logos, the new court they were playing on this season and the fact that those two things pretty obviously tie in to each other, you have to imagine we’re going to be seeing new extra black Phoenix Suns jerseys pretty soon. And considering the Suns’ retroed black alternates from the 90s are some of the best unis we saw on the court this season, that could be a really good thing.

Or they could end up looking like Halloween or Oklahoma State University. That’s a tight rope to walk.