On today’s last Fix/Overdose of the season, The Basketball Jones recap an entertaining Game 7 of the NBA Finals, share their favorite and weirdest moments from the 2012-13 postseason, breakdown the proposed Celtics-Clippers deal, and contemplate whether DeMarcus Cousins is a max-money player.

All that, plus Leigh’s Tweet of the Weak, sleeved jerseys, back problems, Box-Out Kid, and an important offseason programming note.

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Thanks to all of you for making the show such a success.


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Comments (51)

  1. Congrats on an entertaining season of recaps and hilarity!

  2. I can’t believe this is the end of tbj@thescore… I’ll be missing this comment section!

    good times my friends! see you soon at your new home and don’t let the Blank Jones die forever!

    until then, all se best and have a great summer,
    telecustom / frieder

  3. TBJ as it owns company or part of a different company

  4. Will the blog still be active in the summer?

  5. Thanks for a great season, guys! This was my first year as a listener, and I’m kicking myself for not starting earlier.

  6. Will old shows (including Blank Jones specials) be archived somewhere like iTunes after you guys move from the Score?

  7. WHAAT?
    First the season is over, and then we have to hear that there will be no pdocasts until october! A sad day. Perhaps i need to find some new hobbys…

    Do you not even plan something for the Draft? Will this blog be shut down also?

  8. Multiple Sources reports the Jones will be joining the Grantland Network fulltime. *fingers crossed*

  9. I’ve never bought a basketball jersey but I would definitely buy one of those sleevey jersey thingys.

  10. Hoping you guys are joining Grantland! Good luck in the future! Love the blog and podcast. Taken you guys from BC and now spreading the word down in Atlanta!

  11. Guys – The sleeved jerseys are COOL! The Warriors just blew it with the yellow pinstriped bumblebee shorts. The unis looked ridiculous. The jerseys are kinda cool though. Think of soccer and rugby jerseys. It’s cool! It’s cool, guys! It’s cool.

  12. The Suns are going with orange short sleeve unis. Along with a new logo.

    • Don’t understand the hate forthe orange, miles better then the white or black jerseys. Black in the desert leads to a heat stroke.

  13. Laker fans hate him the most. Denied us of CP3. KD to LA!!! Only way for the Heat to go down is for a Durant-lead super team to face them. #DurantPaulHoward2014

  14. Best of luck guys and CONGRATS!!

  15. It’s sad that it took Miami 7 games with 5 HOF starters

    One of the worst NBA seasons of all time. There are 2-3 teams with a legitimate chance to win..

    If it wasn’t for TBJ i would stop watching

  16. I am utterly devastated at the no Blank Jones news. The Ashes better be spectacular to make up for this.

  17. jones joining grantland next fall? hopefully we can get Zach Lowe on the show again

  18. Oh no! no blank jones. First the Spurs lose now this? Horrible.

    Great season gentlemen, thanks for putting on this show everyday

  19. What are we supposed to do without The Blank Jones?????

    My world is rocked right now.

    When can we expect “The Announcement”? Will it be an hour long TSN special? Hosted by Matt Devlin? From the Boys and Girls Club of Toronto?? Drawing a 6.1 Nielsen rating??

  20. Thanks for the year guys! Such a great part of my day!

    Hopefully you guys are getting back on TV starting in the fall. Really miss the show. And please don’t go to Grantland full-time. I feel like they’d censor you guys to a degree (being that they are owned by Disney and ESPN).

    Keep the good times coming boys! Thanks again.

  21. First year listening, fantastic podcast! Thank you for everything guys. Can’t wait to see what is in store for this fall. Have a great summer!

  22. Snoop Dogg has a sleeved Warriors jersey

  23. Thank you for all you do! TBJ makes every day great

  24. Guys, one of the many women to thank: Grandma Lana! Show some up and down, up and down love!

  25. Thanks, gentlemen. Hear you next season.

  26. so….the fact that my bookmark for TBJ is still the old site – thebasketballjones.net – might have been a smart move?

  27. No blank jones?!? Ahh now what am I gonna listen to all summer while taking a shit

  28. Great season guys and great Finals.

    Guy to yell at to motivate: Boogie Cousins!

    Hey Boogie play some D, maybe some pick and roll D too. Hey Boogie get in the post, stop shooting! Hey Boogie you arent a max plaayer until you change that attitude.

    Please move to Grantland. Occasional doses of Zach Lowe would be cool.

  29. Hell of a ride this season. See you next year.

  30. Great TBJ season guys. I’ve been religiously listening/watching/listening to you for at least 5 years now. And congratulations for the 1000+ episodes!
    Hopefully you will return in a video format again. And I guess I will finally learn what the Grantland is. :)

  31. any possibility that the infamous episode of the blank jones entitled “the bank robbery” jones be finally released? or any blank jones episodes in October?

  32. No mention of that ridiculous Mario Chalmers shot to end the 3rd qtr? That was a huge momentum swing, Spurs had the tiniest of edges heading into the 4th before that shot. Thanks for a great year guys.

  33. No Blank Jones? Aw man. But I’m excited to see where you guys end up. Hopefully nowhere that forces the show to change drastically and become more “professional” – whatever that means.

    I’m assuming this is yet another example of The Score cutting costs. Probably best in the long run.

    Enjoy the summer off!

    • I’m gonna miss the Blank Jones, I’ve been looking forward to it all year!

      I agree with hoping it doesn’t make the show more corporate, that’s the last thing that should happen, the non corporate-ness makes it great.

      Thanks for keeping me entertained all season long dudes!

  34. Reasons:
    1.the score was sold summer to Rogers inc: a big Canadian media company, the digital side which included the jones stayed as the score, while the tv side became a different company, sports net 360
    2.thescore inc also moved offices a couple of months ago

  35. im gonna miss hearing you guys, see u in the fall

  36. Great season guys. Pity you aren’t at least getting to do a draft and free agency special at some point, but looking forward to hearing y’all again when the next NBA season cranks up!

  37. “Exciting new chapter”, “we’re gonna come back bigger and better” — whenever these phrases are uttered, I raise the shields and go to red alert. However, as a longtime listener I have no doubts regarding an even more refined Basketball Jones come next season. You’ve earned the TBJ Army’s trust. (You may cry now.)

    Have a nice summer!

  38. Cousins is absolutely a max player. If Gay, Howard among others get max contracts..

    He can defense, rebound and score. Big man with a shot, he’s a better Josh Smith

  39. will wait patiently for whatever comes next, great work lads

    feel really bad for Matty O, missing his normal Blank chance to host and shine

  40. Weirdest moment of the playoffs has to be Mark Jackson trying to re-create the Willis Reed shot.

  41. I’m really gonna miss you guys during the off season. As much as I love hoops I could honestly listen to you guys talk about just about anything. I know we all want this show for free, but this is the only podcast I would be willing to pay for.

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