I know that guy sitting next to Shane Battier looks Photoshopped, but you have to believe me that this is real. I mean, he tweeted it, so it must be.

Denny’s. a championship tradition. #Grandslam

It’s no Chris Bosh going to Taco Bell, but I can still get behind a late night trip to Denny’s. The fact that Battier didn’t order the Moons Over My Hammy is kind of disappointing, but I understand that level of grease isn’t for every one. Nonetheless, do it for the puns, man.

But Battier wasn’t the only Heat player getting his food game right. Nope, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade CRUSHED some pizza with their buddy, non-media member Drake, at a club. Real thing!

Just another two reasons why the NBA is the best. (Technically second-best after pizza, but you know what I mean.)