Ballin: LeBron James put up 37 points, 12 rebounds, four assists, two steals and four turnovers while being named Finals MVP and becoming only the third player ever — alongside NBA nobodies Bill Russell and Michael Jordan — to win back-to-back MVPs and titles in the same years, so probably him. Kind of concerned about the no blocks though. Might need to work on that this summer.

Not so much: This amazing NBA season is over. We all lost just a little bit.

Got it: I wouldn’t say this LeBron James jumper iced the game for the Heat since some more wacky stuff was still to come, but it definitely put the Spurs on life support, which is shockingly not a “those guys are old” joke.

Remember when LeBron James couldn’t shoot jumpers? Those were the days. Now he’s being asked after Finals games if he’s unstoppable when making his jump shot, then being able to honestly respond, “I am.”

T-Watch: Tracy McGrady ended his championship quest having played nearly 15 minutes in Games 2 and 3 of the Finals. He didn’t score a point. For the playoffs, it was 31 minutes and no points on 0-7 shooting. He had a good run.

Huh?: Here is something you don’t see all the time, especially in the NBA Finals — Tim Duncan missing a point blank hook shot with a 6-foot-8 guy guarding him. Or as I like to call it, a statistical improbability.

Ugh. Just floor-slappingly, life-hauntingly ugh. In the grand scheme of Tim Duncan’s career, that miss won’t mean a whole bunch, but it still really, really sucks that he missed. Couldn’t feel sadder for him.

Team second: Number of San Antonio Spurs who scored in Game 7: nine. Number of Miami Heat who scored in Game 7: five. Number of Heat players it took to outscore the Spurs: four (LeBron, Wade, Shane Battier and Mario Chalmers scored 92 points, all the Spurs scored 88).

Pre-wings: Shane Battier had a pretty OK night, I guess.

Remember last Finals when Shane Battier started 11-15 from three, then went cold in the last two games and only made 3-11, but Mike Miller stepped up and hit seven threes in the clincher? This year, Mike Miller started off shooting 10-12 from three, then went 0-4 from deep in Game 7, only to see Shane Battier step up and hit 6-8 from downtown. These guys have each other’s weird backs.

Shoutout: Holy smokes did Kawhi Leonard come up huge last night. 19 points, 16 rebounds, a steal, a block, two turnovers, one facial expression and (about) 12 cornrows for the second-year Spur. Had San Antonio pulled out a title, Kawheezy would have had a STRONG case for Finals MVP — you could easily sell me on Duncan too — especially after Danny Green went 2-19 and Tony Parker went 9-35 over the series’ final two games. I mean, he made a no-look shot while being fouled for Petey Pablo Prigioni’s sake.

Anti-shoutouts: Time for a little tiny bit of hate from Game 7. Manu Ginobili had four turnovers in the fourth quarter, most of which were complete boner plays. Tony Parker was shut down again, largely by LeBron and Chario Malmers, and finished 3-12 while looking totally gassed and being sat for a huge offensive possession down the stretch. Chris Bosh went 0-5, scored zero points and had five personal fouls last night. Ol’ Raybones Allen went 0-4 from the field, seemed to dribble every time he caught the ball and had three turnovers. Mike Miller wore both of his shoes the whole game and therefore didn’t make a shot. These guys sucked, but the rest of the game didn’t, so no biggie. (Well, the Manu stuff was kind of a biggie.)

Other things: If you thought David Stern was hammered during the postgame trophy presentation, you’re not the only one … Cool Stephen Curry jersey, idiotGame recognize game (related: 2007) … I couldn’t find any clear pictures of him, but you’ll have to trust me that Box Out Kid was in the Heat’s celebration scrum again … Bill Russell yawning GIF via Cork Gaines … Thank you so much for reading this season. Keep in touch.

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  1. I’m really going to miss “things of note” for this long… It was a great season, you made it better. (Lebron had 2 turnovers.)

  2. During the postgame nba tv gametime interview, Lebron was holding an unlit cigar. I hope that is mentioned in the random notes section in today’s overdose.

  3. So how many players that wete in these finals are calling it quits? Its time to get ready for summer league ball and watching some more Elena Delle Donne

  4. hey i’m confused by the recap. you wrote “wacky suff” happened after the lebron jumper but the duncan missed bunny came BEFORE made the jumper that just about iced the game.

  5. Great season Trey! You have any off season resolutions?

    • By the way, I understand if you don’t want to, but if somehow you can fit it in to the last episode of the season, can you give a shout out to Ben Marshall for being a greasy butt pirate? I totally understand if it doesn’t happen in the last show of the season where more important things will likely be discussed. Anyways take care taco trey!

  6. Commentary like “for Petey Pablo Prigioni‚Äôs sake” will be sorely missed. Appriciate ya Trey

  7. THANK YOU TREY! Great season. Thanks for writing

  8. Box Out Kid twitted pics of him with Wade, Battier and Lewis, so it’s likely he was somewhat close to the celebration:

  9. Love my “Things of Note”. Cheers boys.

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