Started from the bottom now we’re waiting outside of the locker room just like everyone else.

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  1. Oh man that’s good stuff.

  2. Haaaaa! As Archie bunker would say, what are you doing meathead

  3. At least the guy with him appears to appreciate the humor of the situation.

  4. Who the fuck is Drake?

  5. what may have been even funnier is if they let drake in. It would have been only the entire Heat team… + Drake.

  6. Good for you d—-ss.

  7. hahahaha!! He is DRAKEEEEE!! fuck! you don’t know him?!! xDDD *sarcasm*

    I loved the “MOVE ON” at the end… yeah. get lost losers. Go crash Beibeir’s or Kardashain’s party.

    Someone’s twitter this video to Drake and the Heats xD

  8. lol! he is “SPEEDY! PURE SPEEDY! ” “DRAKE!” fuck you don’t know him

    No, I don’t and don’t care.. move on!!

  9. I LOLd at work over this one just from the expert (and obvious) takedown. Well done this one is GOLD

  10. Would Drake be able to get in the locker of the Raptors if they win a championship?

  11. He’s no Wale. -Matt Devlin, probably.

  12. this take down/diss/punk off/shut down is sooo good, I gotta watch it a few times lollll let this go viral ;)

  13. Last name Access; first name Denied.

  14. I don’t get why a girly boy like DRAKE would want to be in a room full of´╗┐ POWERFUL mandingoes other than get down on his fours and sick his ass up in the air xDD

  15. Drake: No access to everyone but us, right?

  16. Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!

    Get yo bitch ass outta here! You whack ass clown. Stop trying to hug up on Champions’ nuts!!!

    Great job Heat staff keep the groupies out!!!

  17. They should have let the dude in… Look at his face? he was about to cry. SMH YOU ALL ARE DRAKE HATERS. LOLOLOLOL

  18. HA! They probably denied him because they hate lil Wayne now!

  19. Sooo. I guess he’s done being a lakers fan now

  20. The only thing that would make this video better is if box out kid pushed drake out of the way and got into the heat locker room

  21. Pretty obvious they don’t have a clue who the dude is…and rightfully so. It’s not like he’s Snoop Lion or somethin’! lol Just another flavor of the month. Next!

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