And when I say he wants to be coach, I mean he REALLY wants to be coach.


Like really really.


And I know what you’re thinking — if he wants to get hired as an NBA coach despite having no experience and a career-long history of off-court issues, he should have made himself a head coach candidate the week he retired. That seems to be the sweet spot, though a press conference retirement ceremony in Idaho is maybe not the most noteworthy place for a fella to announce his availability.

Nonetheless, I don’t see any reason why this wouldn’t work out perfectly. Not only would the Celtics revolutionize the NBA with an innovative All Fours offense, it’d be fun to see them figure out a way to put all five players on the perimeter while desperately avoiding the post at all times. And even though Steph Curry’s been trying his best, it’d be incredible to see the Shimmy truly return to the NBA. For that reason alone, I’m #TeamAntoineWalker. I mean, if the Celtics are blowing things up, might as well be guided by a guy who is used to trying to fix huge messes.

Also, he could maybe hire an assistant who checks to make sure if his first tweet goes through. Nothing more embarrassing than doubling, or even tripling, up.

(via That NBA Lottery Pick)