Hand down, like 12 men down.

(via Drew Sheppard)

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  1. Very cool indeed!

  2. Duncan looks lost.

  3. He’s shooting left handed for the top of the arc and left corner 3′s.

    • Half the game was played on the other end of the court, which means those clips have to be flipped to fit on one GIF. Ergo, lefty.

      • Orr, the more logical explanation is that he was channeling his inner Chris Mullin. Either that, or he was really trying to show up Manu. He was doing all sorts of amazing in this game, so this is completely plausible.

      • His left-handed shooting form looks pretty much like Lamar Odom’s.

  4. This looks kind of scary. That reminds that on nba tv over the weekend, someone messed up and showed the 2013 spurs championship gear commercial several times

    • It’s even scarier that he just randomly appears and disappears underneath the basket right in front of Duncan. Now that’s unguardable.

  5. Hadn’t realized 0 dunks in game 7

  6. I love how his jumper finally looks uniformed. Remember when he couldn’t shoot the same shot twice? This dude has worked his ass off.

  7. Coolest thing I’ve seen in a while!

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