At first, this quote from new Nuggets executive VP of basketball operations Tim Connelly seems like a humblebrag of epic proportions. From the Baltimore Sun:

When Tim Connelly gets married in early August in Washington, the NBA will be well represented.

“There will be seven GMs at my wedding,” said Connelly, who will now make it eight.

But then you read about how that could be possible, and it becomes kind of awesome.

But here they are, a few days before the 2013 NBA draft, spread across the country, four of the Connellys working for four NBA franchises.

Tim Connelly, 36, was named last Monday as the executive vice president of basketball operations for the Denver Nuggets after spending the previous three years as assistant general manager of the recently renamed New Orleans Pelicans. Connelly started out 16 years ago as an unpaid intern for the Washington Wizards while still in college.

Pat Connelly, 32, was hired last month as assistant general manager of the Phoenix Suns after taking the same route as his brother, working his way up from being an unpaid intern in Washington to following Tim as director of player personnel with the Wizards. His first job offer in basketball was helping coach the Brighton Bears in England’s professional league.

Joe Connelly, 41, has worked the past two seasons for Washington in player development after Pat introduced him to former Wizards guard Roger Mason Jr. The oldest of the Connelly brothers coached under former Towson Catholic head coach Mike Daniel while teaching 12 years in the Baltimore City school system.

Dan Connelly, 29, who was a junior varsity teammate of Anthony’s at Towson Catholic on a team that shockingly won only one game, was “the best manager” Daniel said he ever had. After working for four years as a team manager for Leonard Hamilton at Florida State, Dan Connelly is now an advance scout for the Utah Jazz and trains a number of NBA players, including former Maryland star Greivis Vasquez, now with the Pelicans.

The youngest brother, Kevin, 26, followed their father, Mike, into the financial world, but was recently approved by the NCAA to start his own scouting service for high school players.

“What are the odds of something like that happening?” Joe Connelly said recently. “It’s not like we sat down 20 years ago and mapped out a course. It kind of just fell together. It’s just what we were taught by our parents. Work hard and be good guys. Not try to outslick anybody.”

Not to steal Joe Connelly’s point, but seriously, what are the odds of something like this — five sons doing basketball personnel work, four of them in the NBA — happening to one family? Considering none of them were NBA players, which could lead to sweetheart hookup jobs for no real reason, I’m guessing we’re talking about ye olde fashioned slim-to-none. Pretty amazing.

And can you imagine the dinner conversations? You might be thinking they all kick around some serious knowledge over pot roast and sweet potatoes, but I’d guess it’s more like if anyone brings up basketball, everyone gets quiet because they don’t want to give away trade secrets so they just have to move on to another topic. I don’t know if it’s true, but I’d guess there’s a very realistic chance that this basketball-infused family never talks about basketball, simply because their jobs prevent them from talking about basketball. I hope that is the case, because it sounds like the premise for a very new kind of sitcom.

Whatever the case, if you’re looking to break in to the NBA, a good place to start might be crashing that Connelly wedding in August. I hear there are going to be eight GMs in attendance, plus a whole bunch of scouts, whose very nature will keep them looking for the next big thing, which just might be you. Don’t forget a gift.

(via Ananth Pandian)