He wears LeBrons, he does the Rasheed Wallace three to the head thing and he has every single one of his dad’s on-court facial expressions down to a T. So basically, get excited for Zaire Wade to be the No. 1 draft pick in the distant future. Between that the flying cars, space homes and eyeball computers, 2021 is shaping up to be a good year.

(via Prep Rally)

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  1. Already has more range than Dad.

  2. at 44 seconds, passes to guy wearing the wrong jersey, who proceeds to score? and then it happens again

  3. I miss D-Wade crossing people over like that.
    Also, great court vision for such a little kid.

  4. WoW! This kid has some skills. Hope he gets taller and makes it.

    Rooting for him, and he’s a lefty!

  5. And he’s a lefty AND he’s wearing Shawn Kemp’s number! Awesome!

  6. Thx guys XoXo! We’ll be there! I’m coming with all my girls, game then John D. Finally a good spot for Fridays lol. What time do they serve food till?

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