Once upon a time, LeBron James lost his headband during an NBA Finals game, then went on to lead his team to an incredible come-from-behind victory while putting up huge numbers, sans terry cloth. Then, despite all evidence suggesting the contrary, he brought the band back for the next game, even though it seemed like he’d found the perfect time to create a new on-court look.

As it turns out, there is a reason LeBron wore a headband for Game 7. That reason? Superpowers, of course. Ball Don’t Lie transcribed yesterday’s title celebration:

It was a out-of-body experience for me. If anyone knows me, especially my teammates, [if] my headband comes off in a game, I lose all powers. I can’t dunk no more, I can’t shoot, I can’t dribble. I’m like a newborn baby. I start slobbering and everything.

Oh man, this is a real Samson and Delilah situation (other acceptable comparisons: a reverse of Superman and kryptonite, the entire plot of “The Mask,” the Green Lantern’s power ring and probably 50,000 other comic book backstories). It is pretty amazing that LeBron James was able to play through the tragedy of not wearing a headband for upwards of 14 game minutes. Add this to his growing list of legendary accomplishments: played NBA Finals basketball without a headband. Quite impressive.

This does put to bed, I’d think, the most important remaining question about LeBron James’ career — whether or not he’ll ever ditch the headband. Obviously it makes him feel secure on the court, so it seems like we’re looking at another decade of LeHeadband. Maybe that will change in the future, but for now it sure seems like LeBron is full speed ahead with regards to headbands.

Then again, while his two turnovers in the final minute of Game 6′s fourth quarter would suggest he’s right about losing the ability to dribble when his headband falls off, he dunked literally as he was being deheadbanded. And then he made 50 percent of his shots in his plain-headed state. Which is to say, it is possible for LeBron James to ball out without a headband on. I know it must seem like a daunting task, but it can be done. He should take his time adjusting to this reality, but we have to have faith that a non-headbanded LeBron James is still a realistic possibility. If we can see it, then he can do it. If we just believe it, there’s nothing to it.